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Suicide Squad has fewer Steam players than all 4 Batman Arkham games

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, Rocksteady's new live service game, now has fewer active players than all four Batman Arkham games.

Suicide Squad players vs all Batman Arkham games: a close up of Wonder Woman

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League currently has fewer active concurrent players than all four of the Batman Arkham games on Steam. Rocksteady’s new live service Arkhamverse follow-up has had a very mixed response ahead of next month’s Season 1 launch, and this, combined with a Batman Steam sale, seems to have encouraged players to revisit the old series.

Both the Batman Arkham games and Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s player counts don’t account for console players, of course, but four separate superhero games in the same universe, three of which were also developed by Rocksteady, currently beat out the live service game’s active players.

Checking out the stats for all five games, you’ll see that Suicide Squad has the lowest player count as of the time of writing, and in the last 24 hours, only pulled 1,255 concurrents. Arkham Origins, developed by WB Games Montreal, is the next lowest with a 1,518 peak, while Rocksteady’s single-player Batman trilogy sits comfortably above, with Arkham Knight peaking at 4,373 in the last 24 hours on Steam.

Suicide Squad players vs all Batman Arkham games: Steam stats comparing five games

Batman Arkham Knight already beat out Suicide Squad, with the latter then falling below 1,000 concurrent players on Valve’s platform soon after. There’s a lot of talk of Suicide Squad’s barebones endgame, and while I don’t doubt this will improve with Season 1’s launch sometime in March, it looks to have combined with a recent Batman Arkham Steam sale, and nostalgia, to see players flock back to the classic games.

The Batman sale on Steam knocks down the Rocksteady Arkham trilogy and Arkham Origins (among many other Batman games) by at least 75% until Monday, February 26, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more players jumping back into the older games over the coming days.

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