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After Suicide Squad, James Gunn wants more Batman Arkhamverse games

DC's James Gunn says that Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League isn't a planned end to the Batman Arkhamverse, leaving it open for more.

Suicide Squad Batman Arkhamverse: Harley Quinn

It looks like Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League may not be the last game in the Rocksteady-helmed Batman Arkham universe, at least according to a now-deleted post from DC Studios CEO James Gunn. With 2015’s Batman Arkham Knight the last we saw of the universe until next year’s Suicide Squad, it’s nice to know that the door is open to further expand the universe.

It’s no secret that many of us are skeptical about Rocksteady’s take on the co-op live-service genre with Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. That said, the more I see of the co-op game, the more it genuinely starts to win me over, even if I’m still waiting for the Suicide Squad release date before I pass judgment.

If you thought Suicide Squad was the end of Rocksteady’s Batman Arkhamverse though, think again, as James Gunn says – in a now-deleted post – that there are no plans to end the universe with this newest game.

Responding to a fan on Threads, who asks whether more Arkhamverse games are possible after Kill the Justice League, Gunn replies that there are “no plans of it [Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League] being the last!” In a separate post, which is still visible as of this writing, another fan asks Gunn if the upcoming Rocksteady game will be the last in the Arkhamverse. “No way!” Gunn replies. “I personally can’t wait for the game and hopefully more. I’m a fan,” via DCU Updates (thanks, Eurogamer).

Suicide Squad Batman Arkhamverse: James Gunn on Threads

While this sounds like good news and that Gunn wants to see Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse at least remain open to ideas, I don’t think it means we won’t see any more live service games. Warner bros. CEO David Zaslav thinks we will, saying he wants to see more live service games based on WB properties at the company’s most recent earnings call.

This doesn’t mean the days of single-player DC games are over, but it does sound like the focus is being shifted. Some good news around Rocksteady’s newest game in this regard is that Suicide Squad will get an offline mode after launch, my issue being that it both needs one and won’t have it when the game comes out.

If you’re thinking about getting some new hardware this holiday season ahead of Rocksteady’s next game, we’ve got the Suicide Squad system requirements to help you make sure your rig is up to the task alongside some incredible multiplayer games too.

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