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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League dev confirms offline story mode

On the official Discord server for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, a dev confirms an offline story mode is coming post-launch.

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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League could have been an online-only game, as these are on a rising trend throughout the games industry much to many players’ dismay, especially for single-player experiences. According to a developer on the game’s official Discord server though, Suicide Squad will receive an exciting offline story mode sometime in 2024.

The Rocksteady Studios dev confirmed this offline mode to eager fans after the trailer for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League dropped during The Game Awards. This is surprising because Rocksteady initially stated during the State of Play in February that the superhero game would require an online connection, even for single-player content. However, it seems the dev has since been convinced to implement an offline mode.

“We’re happy to confirm we are planning to add an offline story mode that will give players the option to experience the main campaign without an internet connection,” Rocksteady dev ‘EpicYeti’ now reveals on the game’s official Discord. “We’re aiming to add this update in 2024 and will provide more details when available.”

For fans on the server, this was a major win for Rocksteady. However, on Reddit, interested players seem upset about the offline mode not being added on release day with some prospective players stating that they won’t buy the game until it drops.

One Redditor explains how “having to wait for an offline mode means they will have to wait even longer to maybe see a dime from me” after learning the news. There unfortunately isn’t an exact timeframe for when players can expect the offline mode in 2024, so fans wanting to jump into it may have to wait a while after the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League release date.

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