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Suicide Squad teases the return of the Joker, somehow

A Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Joker post-launch of some sort has been teased by Rocksteady, leading to a lot of speculation.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Joker: Joker from Batman Arkham City

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League may very well see the Arkhamverse version of the Joker return post-launch, as teased by Rocksteady Games at the end of a recent Discord Q&A session. We could be looking at something just Joker-themed, but we’re 100% certain that the Clown Prince of Crime is coming back in some form after launch.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is out soon, and we’ve just had a bit of a bombshell concerning the post-launch plans of the action-adventure game. It looks like Joker is back, but we don’t quite know how just yet.

“One last thing before we go,” Rocksteady Games community manager Darroch Brown says. “Since we just finished talking about our endgame, here’s a tease for something that might come even later…”

This is followed by some concept art of Harley Quinn standing in front of The Daily Planet, except it’s remodeled to “The Daily Chuckle” and given some sort of Joker-themed makeover.

Suicide Squad Joker: concept art of Harley Quinn stood looking at a Joker-ified Daily Planet building

Considering how Suicide Squad is confirmed to be a part of the Arkhamverse started with Batman Arkham Asylum in 2009, this raises one obvious, spoiler-filled question: is Joker back?

The only issue with the Joker returning then is that, well, he’s dead. He died from Titan poisoning in Arkham City and was cremated at the start of Arkham Knight. There was a New Game Plus version of the Arkham Knight intro where Joker came alive and had a line or two, but this was more about being thematically consistent with how the character appeared in that game and less of a clue about any future plans.

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We already know Suicide Squad is planning a robust set of free post-launch plans, but the Discord question and answer session also confirms that the initial endgame will at least still focus on Brainiac, just as the main story of the game will too. So will Joker be returning as a villain down the line? Or is someone just using his unique brand of chaos to get under Harley’s skin?

We know we’ll be getting updates that will “include new story content, playable characters, missions, gear, weapons, cosmetic items, in-game events, and more.” So maybe the Joker will be involved in these free content drops somehow.

With the Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League release date right around the corner, and the alpha NDA for the game lifted after middling previews, we’re in the home stretch of figuring out what the upcoming PC game is going to be like.

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