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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League devs “no longer enforcing” NDA

Rocksteady Studios partially lifts its NDA, allowing Closed Alpha Test players of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League to share thoughts.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League closed alpha NDA: A half-human, half-shark man stands smiling, two rows of pointed teeth showing as the background behind him blurs

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has been heavy on all of our DC comic and villain-loving minds recently, as its launch approaches us. One of the most common questions prospective players regards Kill the Justice League’s gameplay, and whether it lives up to expectations. After various requests from fans for Rocksteady Studios to lift the NDA it has in place with Closed Alpha Test players, the developer says it’s doing just that.

While Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League isn’t quite here just yet, the upcoming action-adventure game has been making waves recently with fans calling for the group of Closed Alpha Test players from November to share how their experiences in Metropolis played out. Initially, there was an NDA in place preventing any of the early alpha players from doing so but it looks like Rocksteady Studios is now lifting the agreement.

The developer explains, “Back in November, we held a Closed Alpha Test for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League where players agreed to a Non-Disclosure Agreement and got a chance to check out an early section of the game.” While said players have been unable to detail the early parts, approved previews of the game from media outlets are surfacing, such as our own Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League preview.

Closed Alpha participants and eager fans quickly took to social media to express their frustration with the test’s NDA, explaining that these player opinions would be valuable alongside those from journalists. A former Rocksteady developer himself, Del Walker, asked the studio to “Lift the NDA.” In response, Destin Legarie, a writer for IGN who previewed Kill the Justice League, agreed and stated that the alpha testers likely had a “better experience.”

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League developer announcement of the closed alpha NDA being lifted

Rocksteady now acknowledges that “players are asking,” and reveals that it’s “no longer enforcing a portion of the NDA.” In turn, the alpha players are now allowed to “talk about their experience” from the test. The dev says that Closed Alpha participants may now “feel free to talk and write” about their time with Kill the Justice League. However, players still “may not post imagery or videos from the Closed Alpha Test.”

Both the fans and players are excited to hear that the NDA is no longer as strict, with responses praising Rocksteady’s choice. Legarie thanks the studio, saying he’s “Interested to hear what people say” now. Similarly, Walker shares his thanks regarding the decision to lift the NDA. Other trending posts include feedback from the alpha players, as many delve into why they enjoyed Kill the Justice League.

Ahead of the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League release date, it’s nice to see a strong variety of perspectives pouring in from alpha players and writers alike. During our time with the massive third-person shooter, we discovered that it “has lots of personality” and a diverse cast of appealing characters that adhere to unique playstyles.

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