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There isn’t a “best character” in Suicide Squad, but that’s okay

The minds behind Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League have explained how every character in the game has potential to be perfect for you.

Boomerang from the game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Superhero movies and their counterparts in the gaming world are all about becoming the ultimate hero and saving the world, but Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League offers us something entirely new, and that’s very exciting. With the chance to play as some of DC’s greatest villains, though, you might be wondering who to pick, and who better to ask than the people who made the game?

Well, if you were hoping for a straight answer to this Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League conundrum, we have good news and bad news for you. The simple answer is, there is no one character in this action-adventure game that is technically better than any other, but that’s only because their suitability depends entirely on what you want from the game at any given moment.

Ahead of the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League release date, the developers behind the title have been conducting a Q and A over on Discord, and they offered an abundance of exciting information about the new PC game.

When asked about the design process behind each character and the tools they are given, Axel Rydby, Game Director at Rocksteady says: “When we start designing a Squad member, we start with what we think is going to be fun ways to get around Metropolis, and how could that traversal also be used as a tool in combat encounters. How do we want this character to be played? What makes this character different from the other characters, both in terms of playstyle and in terms of strengths and weaknesses? What would suit that character’s personality?”

Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark, and Boomerang, in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

“Once we have a general idea, we put this through our character design framework, where we have all the characters’ traits and mechanics, and we ensure that they are a good fit,” he adds. “This means ensuring they will offer unique traversal and combat experiences, that compliments and dovetails with the existing Squad members.”

On how this affects the perceived ranking of each Suicide Squad character, Rydby concludes: “The most important step is ensuring they feel badass and powerful in your hands, but still maintain parity across the various character traits and mechanics with the other Squad members. Each character shines in different areas, so there isn’t a ‘best’ character per say, but there will be the best for you! The one that matches your playstyle. And this was really important for us, that there will always be a character that fits the way you want to play.”

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So there you have it, the best Suicide Squad character is whoever you want it to be, with each anti-hero having their own unique skillset that will make them more or less suitable for different situations. To get the best out of the game, check out the Kill the Justice League system requirements. We can also tell you whether the new Suicide Squad game is Steam Deck compatible, and here are four things Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League needs to get right.

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