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System Shock developers want the remake to be more enjoyable

Nightdive Studios recently sat down in an interview, describing what kind of experience they wanted the System Shock remake to be like for players.

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Nightdive Studios recently sat down with GOG for a System Shock remake interview about the upcoming sci-fi FPS game, and it seems that they have a lot planned. There are definitely a lot of fan expectations for the game as the 1994 original stands as one of the most iconic influences in the industry, as there’s no shortage of well-known contemporary games out there that were somehow inspired by System Shock, from titles like BioShock to Dishonored.

In the interview, Nightdive Studios was first asked how the remake originally came to be. The studo answers that a lot of it had to do with the release of System Shock: Enhanced Edition, and how the addition of mouse capabilities changed accessibility in that game. Those sorts of feature implementations sparked the consideration, “What else can we do to make System Shock more enjoyable?”

Nightdive adds that it wants “to stay true to the original vision” and not “tamper with what made games special but simply enhance enough of what was there to bring something new for longtime fans.” With the remake, the developers are wanting fans to understand what it is that makes System Shock unique while also making it more appealing in the current market.

This brought the team to discuss challenges they faced during production, prompting them to say that “truly understanding the legacy of System Shock” was one of the most difficult obstacles they have had to overcome. “We sacrificed our entire budget and tens of thousands of hours of work because what we were making wasn’t Shock,” Nightdive admitted, stating that as a result “the System Shock we have today is something we’re genuinely proud of.”

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Conversely, System Shock: Remastered’s developers found watching the project evolve throughout the years to be the most fun part of its development process. The team says that the game started as a mere “prototype built in Unity that featured a few rooms and enemies” before becoming the soon-to-release FPS it is now.

When asked about how the remake will compare to the original, Nightdive Studios says that it has made “some pretty substantial changes to a number of systems,” from the user interface to the weapons being overhauled. Other additions mentioned by the developers include a recycling system, vending machines, and “most importantly Cyberspace is now a fun, intuitive game within a game that offers its own unique challenges.”

After a likely grueling yet rewarding seven years, Nightdive Studios is ready to see System Shock: Remastered successfully release on May 30. You can grab it on sale now if you are interested in playing, or you can check out our other favorite space games while you wait for launch. Browse through some of the best open-world games, too, for more immersive game ideas.