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System Shock isn’t out, but you can already buy it at a nice discount

System Shock, the Nightdive FPS game remake and spiritual cousin to BioShock, is expected to launch in 2023, and is already available at a decent discount.

System Shock isn’t out, but you can already buy it at a nice discount: A space engineer holding a wrench in front of a giant robot in FPS game System Shock Remake

Without the original System Shock, and to a greater extent, System Shock 2, there would be no BioShock. In fact, as immersive sims like Dishonored, Prey, and the latter-day Deus Ex games go, they each owe a debt of inspiration to LookingGlass’s 1994 original. While the System Shock remake from Nightdive has been briefly delayed, the upcoming FPS game is nevertheless already on sale at a solid discount, as the studio that remastered Quake, Doom 64, Turok, and Blood heads towards launch day.

Originally slated for release in March, System Shock Remake then slipped to April, with the current release date set for May 30. A top-to-bottom rebuild of the 1994 classic, what we’ve seen so far looks incredibly promising, as Nightdive combines the slow-paced, cerebral gameplay of the original game with a distinctive and extremely vibrant modern aesthetic.

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Available for pre-order on Steam, you can actually get System Shock from Valve’s storefront for less than the listed price. Buying it direct will cost you $39.99 (£34.99), but if you want the best System Shock deal, you should look elsewhere.

System Shock is currently 15% off at Fanatical, dropping the price to $33.99 (£29.74 GBP). Even better, what you’re buying is a System Shock Steam key, so you can still reclaim and play it through Valve’s store once release day arrives. Check it out here.

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