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Best JRPG of the decade is getting a potential sequel

Tales of Arise, Bandai Namco Entertainment's most recent entry to the iconic Tales JRPG series, may be succeeded by a new game soon.

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Tales of Arise is one of my favorite JRPGs ever, and I have played quite a few in my lifetime. Bandai Namco’s latest Tales game introduced many new fans to the long-standing series, beating its own previous sales records and selling more than a million copies in less than a week following the launch of Tales of Arise. The game also attracted older Tales fans, such as myself, eager to experience a fresh adventure with a never-before-seen cast of characters. If you’re yearning for even more Tales after Arise, then I’ve got some exciting news for you.

The official Tales event account on Twitter posted an announcement advertising an upcoming reveal event in which a “solo” or “single title” is discussed. According to the post, the event is set to take place this Thursday, August 10 at 7am EST / 4am PT / 12pm or Friday, August 11 at 12am BST / 1am CET. If you’re interested in viewing the event as it goes live, you can do so via the linked video below.

A “solo title” is referred to multiple times throughout the post on social media, which makes it really appear as though the developers are going to reveal a Tales game. No specific hint is given about what game the team is announcing. You can view the full post here to further keep track of the upcoming event.

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The announcement won’t necessarily be made regarding an entirely new game, though, as it may instead be a reveal of a remake. Imagine Tales of Abyss remastered on PC, folks. That is something many Tales fans, including myself, would immediately pre-order.

Tales of Symphonia’s anniversary is creeping up on us, too, meaning that the event will possibly have to do with the fifth main installment of the Tales series. I personally doubt that this will be the case, though, as Symphonia saw the release of its remastered edition quite recently.

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