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Let your inner Taskmaster run free thanks to new VR game mode

Become Greg Davies in the Creative Mode update for Taskmaster VR, setting your very own tasks for your friends and family to complete.

A screenshot from Taskmaster VR shoing a player wielding a trumpted with a portrait of greg davies in the bacground

If you thought Taskmaster VR would be fun when completing tasks set by the OG master of tasks Greg Davies, well, you can now step into his shoes and create your very own tasks. That’s right, Creative Mode has been confirmed for the game and will be available at launch on the Meta Quest and Steam VR storefronts.

We’re still eagerly awaiting the Taskmaster VR release date, but this latest news has us giddy with excitement. The idea of finally getting to compete in a Taskmaster show, even one in VR, is a dream come true, but setting your own tasks on one of the best VR headsets takes this game to the next level.

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Of course, there are board game iterations of this hit international show that let you become a tyrannical Taskmaster, but doing so in virtual reality offers a completely new level of immersion. Funnily enough, this game mode has been inspired by the Taskmaster community and the parties they throw at home.

Based on the trailer, it appears that we’ll be taking control of Little Alex Horne’s tablet in order to spawn the props needed to create all sorts of challenges.

It appears we’ll also have free rein over where the tasks take place, as we see the character moving through various rooms without the need to load in and out of the game. While we don’t have a set date, you can head to the Meta Quest store or Steam to put the game on your wishlist now, and you’ll be the first to know when a date is confirmed.

Taskmaster VR could become one of the best VR games upon release, and we’ll be keen to set our own challenges in the Creative Mode once it’s available.