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‘Save Team Fortress 2’ campaign explodes after Valve DMCAs fan remake

A new hashtag calling for Valve to "save TF2" trends following a DMCA takedown notice issued regarding Team Fortress 2 fan remake TFS2.

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Team Fortress 2 is back in the limelight following a DMCA takedown notice from Valve regarding a fan remake of the iconic 2007 sequel. Now that Amper Software, the independent developer behind the unfinished Source 2 remake, has revealed Valve’s copyright action as its reason for canceling Team Fortress Source 2, fans are gathering on social media to express their disappointment behind a hashtag calling to “save TF2.”

There’s no doubt that Team Fortress 2 is more than just a simple FPS entry amid Steam’s vast sea of free PC games. It stands out as one of the genre’s most defining games, with hundreds of thousands of players and a daily active user count that would leave you shocked considering Team Fortress 2’s age. While Valve hasn’t yet shared plans for a third game, the TF2 community is still flourishing with talented creators and modders.

Amper Software is one such group of TF2 players. The indie dev team has been hard at work on a remake of the beloved sequel using Valve’s Source 2 engine, the same platform behind behemoths like Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, and Half-Life Alyx. Sadly though, the Team Fortress 2 fan remake will never happen, as the team received a DMCA takedown notice from Valve.

One day later, excited fans looking forward to Team Fortress Source 2 are taking to Twitter with a hashtag reading “save TF2” in hopes of catching Valve’s attention. Many posts containing the tag discuss issues in the shooter itself and a disappointment at the copyright action. One player claims that Valve solved “almost nothing with the main game” but still finds time to “DMCA fan projects.”

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“Maybe instead of canceling a fan project,” says another fan, “you could actually give support to the main game.” Such sentiments carry over to the Team Fortress 2 Steam page, where some recent reviews mention the trending hashtag and DMCA takedown notice. One claims that Valve is currently taking down “many fan projects that give an alternative to the unplayable official versions of their game,” likely referring to both TFS2 and Portal 64.

As of writing this news, Valve has yet to leave a response to the ‘save TF2’ tag, Team Fortress Source 2 notice, or Portal 64 cancellation. Fans on all platforms, including Steam, Twitter, Reddit, and more, are continuing to share their thoughts on the shooter’s ongoing issues and the action Valve has taken recently against fan remakes of its classic PC hits.

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