Teardown release date – anti-Minecraft indie game is out soon

The Teardown release date is confirmed for the destruction-focused indie game, which is basically The Anti-Minecraft - and it's leaving Early Access soon

The Teardown release date is down for this month

The “physics destruction simulator” Teardown release date is confirmed, and the indie game is leaving Steam Early Access later this month. The voxel-based sim is basically the anti-Minecraft, where the goal is destruction rather than creation, and Teardown 1.0 is coming very soon – with no price increase, it seems.

Developer Tuxedo Labs confirms that Teardown – the part-puzzle adventure game, all-destruction sim – is leaving Early Access but keeping its price of $19.99 / £18.49. The complete Teardown single-player campaign actually launched back in December, so it’s not surprising that the final release is landing right on its heels.

Teardown is actually a heist game, with the goal of reaching a nefarious objective through creative destruction. Of course, there’s also a full sandbox mode where players can smash up entire levels in a wide variety of satisfying ways. The final version comes with “extensive mod support and Steam Workshop integration”, which already boasts over 2,000 user-created items – featuring everything from Minecraft pickaxes to black hole launchers and maps based on Five Night’s At Freddy’s.

Teardown release date

Teardown is leaving Steam Early Access and will release on April 21, 2022, where it will cost $19.99 / £18.49 – the same price it’s been all along. You can check out the 1.0 trailer below to give you an idea of what it’s all about.

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Teardown was a hit on Steam Early Access, so we’ll see if the final release can do even better.

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