Tekken teams up with fellow fighting game in epic crossover

Bandai Namco has sent some of its best Tekken champions over to Blue Mammoth Games' own Brawlhalla, a fellow fighting game, during a crossover event.

Tekken Brawlhalla crossover: a devilish man with maroon skin and horns coming out of his head smirks, a third eye on his forehead

The Tekken 8 launch date draws nearer each day, as does player excitement for one of the most highly anticipated fighting games. If you’re looking forward to Tekken 8 and love a good fighter in general, you’ll be excited to hear that Bandai Namco’s iconic champions are coming to Blue Mammoth Games’ Brawlhalla during an action-packed crossover event. Get ready to battle your opponents as the cold-blooded Nina Williams or Manji Clan leader Yoshimitsu, and obtain stylized avatars, effects, emojis, maps, and more.

Ahead of the upcoming Tekken 8 release date, Bandai Namco’s iconic series is joining Brawlhalla for a special crossover event. The latter game’s 7.12 update just dropped, bringing with it new Tekken-themed character skins like Devil Jin, Nina Williams, and Yoshimitsu. Alongside the fighters are various new cosmetic items, like avatars, frames, KO effects, maps, and a brand-new gadget known as the ‘Sticky Bomb.’

Devil Jin employs Zariel’s abilities, acting as a power-hungry destructive fighter controlled by the ominous Devil Gene. Nina Williams’ character mirrors Lucien, acting as the ‘Silent Assassin’ employed by the Mishima Zaibatsu. Yoshimitsu, the final character coming to Brawlhalla from Tekken, makes use of Jiro’s abilities and fights as the leader of a Robinhood-like guild of thieves known as the Manji Clan.

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Panda Slam, a new KO effect, shows an adorable panda chewing on bamboo. There’s also another one depicting your fighter playing Tekken on an old arcade machine. The avatars and emojis coming with the crossover include various Tekken fighters and poses. Two new maps are also coming, the Mishima Dojo and Tekken Brawl. The former map is for 1v1 gameplay while the latter is for use in the Volleybrawl mode.

Finally, a new gadget is dropping and it’s called the Sticky Bomb. When thrown, the gadget attaches to a player and blinks in red for a short time before detonating. You can also pass it to other players on your team. To learn more about the crossover, head over to Steam where you can get a deeper look at all of the changes coming with Brawlhalla’s event and overall update.

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