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Best Terraria servers 2024

Whether you’re after an all item or free item server, PvP or PvE, free build or survival servers, look no further for a list of top Terraria servers.

What are the best Terraria servers to join in 2024? We’ve scoured the internet looking for the top Terraria servers and server clusters to cater for all experiences, whether you’re looking for a relaxed place to come up with some amazing builds with access to all items, an intense survival or PvP experience, or a bunch of minigames as devised by a server like Penguin Gaming that takes Terraria and makes it into something totally new. We’ll also explain how to join a Terraria server, with IP and port information for every entry on our list.

Terraria features block-based gathering and crafting systems against a 2D backdrop that you might, at a glance, mistake for a classic ‘80s or ‘90s platformer. One might reductively call it a 2D Minecraft, and just like Mojang’s masterpiece, Terraria has near-endless scope for modification and expansion. With so many ways to play the vanilla game, let alone via the best Terraria mods, it’s understandable that the online multiplayer experience can be overwhelming in its variety. That’s where we come in. Read on for our list of some of the best and most populated Terraria servers, with a breakdown of exactly what they offer to the discerning player.

Here is our list of the best Terraria servers to join in 2024:

Dark Gaming

Server IP: t.dark-gaming.com
Port: 7777

One of the biggest and longest-running Terraria server communities around – with roots stretching back to 2011/12 – Dark Gaming prides itself on its community and on being early adopters of new server features, claiming for instance to be the first public server to provide mobile compatibility.

You’ll find servers (aka, dimensions) designed specifically for Items, PvE, PvP, Survival, and Zombies, plus a unique Zombie Survival mode inspired by Call of Duty. The server team are especially proud of their PvP, having taken control of the defense and damage multipliers of armor, weapon damage, and other factors to enable more precise balancing. A popular and very active server with over a decade of history that tries to offer and optimize almost every aspect of Terraria.

Best Terraria servers: Eternia has a large and impressive castle


Server IP: eternia.uk
Port: 7777

Established in 2019, Eternia is a popular and highly active multiplayer server for both mobile and PC. It features an easily accessible all items area that you can hop into and out of to grab anything you need, plus a huge sandbox world designed with roleplay and building in mind, where you’ll find up to 16 house claims per player.

It runs TShock – a server software package offering server admins a ton of new and enhanced tools – so you know admin support is extensive at least in theory. With a friendly community and an active staff team, it’s an ideal place to look for free building and PvE.

The best Terraria servers might see you running into an oversized penguin

Penguin Games

Server IP: penguingames.fun
Port: 7777

Created in 2015, Penguin is a long-running Terraria server focused on minigames. These include single-player games such as Hunger Games, Spleef, and Parkour, as well as team games like Capture the Gem, Tank Wars, and of course Survival.

There are over ten different minigames to enjoy in total and the server receives regular updates, with a number of cool features to reward your loyalty. These include regular events and a server currency that unlocks new vanity items as you play. Unquestionably your best first stop if you want something a bit different from your Terraria experience.

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Teeria Legends

Server IP: t.teeria.eu
Port: 7777

As with many Terraria servers, Teeria offers a free items dimension where you can pick up and use any item in the game – the ideal place to try out new builds and test them on enemies. The highlight of Teeria Legends, though, is its signature adventure dimension, which is loaded with custom MMO-style features. These include unique classes, class-specific abilities, a full experience-based leveling system with level- and class-restricted items, adjusted enemies and loot, protected player houses and much more, effectively turning Terraria into an MMORPG.

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Server IP: ozzaria.com
Port: 7777

Based in Australia, Ozzaria – formerly Ozz3b3t – is a reliably well-attended server at all times, but especially during Aussie hours. Its core free build mode is well supported, with robust anti-cheat plus house protection to protect your builds from griefers, as well as a shop where you can buy blocks, permanent health, buffs, and other items.

There’s also a survival dimension, modded for added difficulty, in which you’ll explore and craft both to survive ordinary mobs and prepare to slay Terraria bosses until you no longer can. Recommended for advanced players who fancy a survival challenge.

How to join a Terraria server

Joining Terraria servers couldn’t be simpler, but we’ll explain exactly how to do so anyway.

Here’s how to join a Terraria server:

  • Open Terraria on your PC or mobile device;
  • Select ‘Multiplayer’
  • Select ‘Join via IP’
  • Enter the IP address and port of the server you wish to join.

That’s it for our list of the best Terraria servers to join. If you’re looking for our other guides on how to make the most of your Terraria experience, you might want to read through our Terraria happiness guide, or the best Terraria mods for the game.