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Genshin Impact and Hollow Knight collide in new Steam Metroidvania

Take the anime world of Genshin Impact and fuse it with the dark pixel aesthetic of Hollow Knight, and you get this new Steam game.

An anime girl with red eyes and white hair wearing a conductor's cap with bunny ears with long white hair looks past the camera frowning

Genshin Impact. Renowned for it’s stunning open world, colorful cast of characters, and flashy, magical combat, it feels like a far cry from the underground caverns of the iconic Metroidvania, Hollow Knight. But what if you combined the two into a dark, twisted adventure, whilst simultaneously throwing in the bullet hell elements of Vampire Survivors and a pair of cute bunny ears? Well, you’d get Tevi.

A new Metroidvania game from CreSpirit, the creators of Last Command and Rabi-Ribi, Tevi thrusts you into a magical quest of exploration, where sunbathed beaches and glistening, snowy villages are just some of the myriad vistas you’ll be exploring.

Combat is, in many ways, similar to Hollow Knight. You’ll hack and slash your way through your foes, and unleash devastating combinations to raise your score. There’s a ‘Sigil’ system that’s akin to Hollow Knight’s Charms, allowing you to refine and customize your playstyle to ensure you take down your foes in style.

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But there are bullet hell elements in there, too, channelling the ever-iconic Vampire Survivors. In the trailer above, we see protagonist Tevi take on a vast array different bosses, all of which are basically throwing everything at you – including the kitchen sink, lasers, and any other death rays they could find lying around.

CreSpirit CEO David describes Tevi as the team’s “most ambitious project” to date, and it certainly feels that way. It certainly looks a lot flashier than the studio’s previous games, and as someone who loved Rabi-Ribi and Hollow Knight, Tevi is a dream come true.

Tevi is out now on Steam, and you can pick it up for $29.99 / £24.99. You can also grab the ‘Bullet Hell’ bundle and get Tevi, as well as Rabi-Ribi and Last Command for 10% off – if I were you, that’s what I’d do. After all, the Hollow Knight Silksong release date doesn’t look like it’ll be here anytime soon.

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