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Life is Strange 2 prequel is out Monday - here are the Captain Spirit release times

the awesome adventures of captain spirit release times

The free Life is Strange 2 prequel, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, is out very soon, and the kind folks at Dontnod have gone and dones us the tremendous favour of revealing the precise release time. Thankfully, it’s a single time across all platforms and regions, so you won’t have to jealously wait your turn.

Captain Spirit launches June 25 at 9:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST. The game had actually been originally announced for a June 26 release, but it seems only our Australian friends will have to wait until then, with a 2:00 AEST launch time there.

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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will be a free download across all platforms, whether or not you own any previous bits of the Life is Strange universe. We don’t know exactly how long Captain Spirit will be, but the safe money suggests it’ll be similar to individual episodes from the previous series. This isn’t exactly the beginning of Life is Strange 2, but it does set the stage, with choices in Captain Spirit carrying over into the upcoming game.

Check out the trailer below:

This free prequel was first shown at the Microsoft E3 conference, and another new trailer followed at the Square Enix presentation. It’s not quite the Life is Strange 2 reveal many were hoping for, but this might be an even better deal – after all, we’re getting a free episode out of it.