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The Binding of Isaac developer threatens a Fortnite crossover

The Binding of Isaac, one of Steam's best roguelike games, would get a Fortnite crossover if creator Edmund McMillen could pull it off.

The Binding of Isaac Fortnite: A beige creature falling over on its side cries with tears streaming down its face, a grassy backdrop behind it

The Binding of Isaac is the king of all roguelike games on PC, and I’m more than ready to take on anyone who disagrees. Featuring a bizarrely satisfying agglomeration of blood, tears, and randomly generated bullet hell boss battles, Edmund McMillen’s 2011 classic stands as one of the genre’s most defining entries. If it were up to McMillen, the game could become even more chaotic with a boundary-defying Fortnite crossover.

You read that right. The Binding of Isaac‘s creative mastermind regularly replies to players’ questions on social media, answering even the silliest of prompts. One of McMillen’s recent responses to a fan reveals that the indie developer would gladly team up with Fortnite for a mind-boggling crossover between Epic’s battle royale icon and his beloved roguelike game.

Edmund McMillen, The Binding of Isaac creator, saying he'll make a Fortnite crossover happen

Upon a question from a fan asking for a Fortnite crossover, the dev says, “Tell me who to talk to and I’ll make it happen.” While this seems like a joke response, you never know. Epic does regularly collaborate with devs for wild crossovers, and we’ve also got examples of seemingly silly social media posts resulting in serious content like the recent Cult of the Lamb sex situation’s outcome.

Fans left countless comments tagging the official Fortnite account in the thread, with McMillen himself noticing. He even replies under one such post, mysteriously saying “We did it!” Could this mean that a Fortnite dev reached out and the crossover with The Binding of Isaac will truly happen one day? There’s no way to tell, and McMillen hasn’t yet denied nor confirmed any follow-up questions.

Edmund McMillen, The Binding of Isaac creator, saying the Fortnite collab may actually be happening

For now, we get to enjoy the 10/10 Steam game as it is in all of its gory roguelike glory. Perhaps we’ll one day parachute down into a Fortnite victory royale as little Isaac or see McMillen somehow implement chug jugs in his procedurally generated stages, but we can’t say so for sure until one of the developers confirms that such a timeless crossover is underway.

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