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How long is The Callisto Protocol - chapters and length explained

Here’s your answer to how long The Callisto Protocol is and how many chapters there are, so you can be assured of when the Black Iron nightmare is due to end

How long is The Callisto Protocol: Dani, a young female member of the Outer Way that's also trying to escape Black Iron prison

Just how long is The Callisto Protocol? Striking Distance Studio’s story-driven sci-fi horror is relentless, and you can expect setbacks at every turn as you escape Black Iron prison. As you stumble from one bloody confrontation to another in the game’s many chapters, you may start to wonder, ‘how long is The Callisto Protocol, anyway?’

The Callisto Protocol spans eight chapters, taking roughly 12-14 hours to complete. If you’re adamant about searching every dark corner on Callisto, you might find it takes you a tad longer – especially if you’re dead-set on uncovering the mystery of The Callisto Protocol Kallipolis while you’re at it. The Callisto Protocol is very linear, so subsequent playthroughs shouldn’t take anywhere near as long… unless you’re playing on Maximum Security difficulty, where additional deaths begin to stack up in one of the best PC games of 2022.

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The Callisto Protocol chapters

There are eight chapters in The Callisto Protocol, each of varying lengths:

  • Cargo
  • Outbreak
  • Aftermath
  • Habitat
  • Lost
  • Below
  • Colony
  • Tower

There, you have it; that’s how long The Callisto Protocol is. If you’re eager to reach the credits, it’s worth checking the status of The Callisto Protocol new game plus. On the other hand, we’ve got the locations of all the Callisto Protocol weapons and a selection of the best Callisto Protocol upgrades to refine their performance.

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