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This underrated open-world racing game is now on Steam

The Crew Motorfest has finally made its way to Steam, and with a hefty launch discount, this is a Forza Horizon rival worth checking out.

For a long while, Forza Horizon has been the last name in open-world racing on PC, but now it has some healthy competition. The Crew Motorfest launched last fall, and wound up making a much better impression than the previous two games in the series had. Now it’s available on Steam for the first time, and at a sizable discount.

While the Crew 2 had players racing across a scaled-down version of the entire continental United States, The Crew Motorfest zeroes in on a much tighter landmass: the Hawaiian island of Oahu. If you’ve played any of the Forza Horizon games, you’ll feel right at home in this racing game: it’s set during a huge island-wide automotive festival, and the fun is split roughly evenly between freely exploring the expansive map and white-knuckling it around corners in the various thematic playlists.

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Now that The Crew Motorfest is on Steam, it’s on steep sale for 50% off. That’s $34.99 / £29.99 (or your regional equivalent) for the base edition, with the Year 1 Pass marked down 35% to $25.99 / £22.74.

I’m not sure The Crew Motorfest is quite the game to knock Forza Horizon 5 out of pole position in the realm of open-world racing games, but it’s within striking distance at the very least. Hawaii is a gorgeous location, and Ubisoft has done a splendid job recreating it as a drivers’ paradise. If it has an advantage over Forza Horizon, I’d say it’s in car handling – the vehicles feel weightier and more distinct to me in The Crew Motorsport, and I found the race events themselves felt just a touch more rewarding and challenging.

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