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Ubisoft takes down its MMO racing game, announces server shutdown

Ubisoft announces in a new update regarding racing MMO The Crew that it's delisting the game now and shutting its servers down soon.

The Crew shutdown: A blue racing car with white stripes speeding ahead of a police car on a turning road

The Crew is coming to an end it seems, as Ubisoft announces its closure and the upcoming shutdown of the racing MMO’s servers. After almost a decade of wild online rides, the behemoth developer says that the game’s removal is a “necessity.” The news comes soon after the recent launch of The Crew Motorfest’s second season.

Unfortunately, it seems The Crew‘s time is truly up. In an official update, Ubisoft explains why it’s delisting its “beloved first game of the franchise and one of the most ambitious racing games of its time.” The developer details how it isn’t taking its decision lightly, and that the racing game‘s shutdown “has become a necessity” now due to “upcoming server infrastructure and licensing constraints.”

While the dev is sad to disappoint remaining fans of its 2014 game, it looks like Ubisoft is looking to the future as its “goal remains to provide the best action-driving gameplay experience.” The team also states that The Crew’s situation doesn’t impact The Crew 2 or the more recently launched The Crew Motorfest.

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Instead, the dev will continue “to provide new content and support” for both of its remaining Crew entries. As the original game has only 25 players in-game currently, according to SteamDB, and a peak of just 37 over the past 24 hours, the news of The Crew’s delisting isn’t all too surprising as people recently haven’t been populating the online racing experience.

Its reviews on Steam also remain mixed, whereas The Crew 2’s are in comparison, very positive. Motorfest isn’t coming to Steam, but players have generally enjoyed it much like its preceding sequel. If you’re looking to relive some of your nostalgia and own The Crew already, you’ll be able to play until Sunday, March 31. After this, Ubisoft is shutting all of the game’s servers down.

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