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Tarkov-style FPS The Cycle: Frontier release date set for June

A PvPvE shooter in the vein of Escape from Tarkov, The Cycle: Frontier release date has been announced - it's arriving on Steam and Epic June 8

The Cycle: Frontier release date: A sniper rifle aims into a beautiful alien meadow that is lit by a bright sun. Many different exotic plants with large purple leaves reflect the sunlight.

Setting foot on an alien world for the first time should feel frightening, and that’s the feeling The Cycle: Frontier seems to be going for. A free-to-play PvPvE shooter that takes a few cues from Escape from Tarkov, The Cycle: Frontier’s release date has been revealed – it’ll be touching down June 8.

Your goal in The Cycle is pretty simple: you land on an abandoned planet, grab all the resources and goodies you can get your hands on, and then catch a ride on the next evac ship off-planet. Easy, right? Naturally, there are some problems: the surface of Fortuna III isn’t completely barren, for one thing. It’s populated by ravenous wildlife, all of which would like to find out what humans taste like.

The Cycle also draws some inspiration from Hunt: Showdown, in that giving away your position by firing your weapons can be a deadly decision itself. If the fighting gets too hot, you’ll alert other prospectors to your location, and they may very well show up to take what you’ve scrounged.

Meanwhile, there’s a deadly storm surrounding your location – you’ve only got a limited amount of space to work with, but you’ll be able to choose how risky you want to get. Heading into more dangerous areas will yield better rewards, but you could very well lose everything you’ve gained, too.

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The Cycle: Frontier is being developed by Yager, the studio behind the landmark shooter Spec Ops: The LIne. The Cycle will be available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Make sure to pack a raincoat.