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One of the best console FPS games ever might finally hit PC

Nightdive Studios has confirmed that The Darkness is on its list of classic games to remaster, and it'll be the first time PC owners get to experience it.

A man with two snake-like creatures growing out of his back pointing a gun.

Nightdive Studios has plans to remaster The Darkness, meaning that, if all goes well, PC players will finally get to murder people with demonic tentacles. Based on the Top Cow comic book of the same name, the game blends FPS gunplay with demon-assisted slaughter and, according to Nightdive’s CEO, it’s very much on its to-do list.

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If you’ve never played The Darkness or its sequel (which did make it to PC) you’ve missed out on a treat. Both games cast you as Jackie Estacado, a goth mafioso wannabe who’s assassinated by his paranoid uncle.

He rises from the grave thanks to The Darkness, a demonic entity that has long been tied to his bloodline. It gifts him the power to tear hearts out, command demonic minions, and generally kick ass.

Guns are still his primary weapon, but his other abilities give him a real edge. Plus, you can sit through the entirety of To Kill a Mockingbird in-game, which I always appreciated.

However, released in 2007 by Starbreeze Studios, The Darkness only ever landed on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It was generally well-received and spawned an equally well-liked 2012 sequel, though a third entry has never materialized.

In response to a Tweet, Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick revealed that The Darkness was indeed “on the list.” I’m curious as to what else might be on that same list, but it’s at least confirmation that a remastered The Darkness could be landing on PC.

Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick tweets "it's on the list" in response to a tweet asking if a The Darkness remaster is in the works.

So what could go wrong? Being on Nightdive’s list doesn’t necessarily mean that it has the rights to remaster the game. The studio has a pretty good track record so far, but until a formal announcement lands, it’s hard to say whether this remaster is a surefire thing.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that it happens. Partly because I’m looking forward to stepping back into Jackie’s gothic gangster boots. But I also want to use a top-of-the-range PC to watch To Kill a Mockingbird in a tiny, tiny window.

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