Best Armored Core 6 weapons and guns

Turn your enemies into scrap with the best AC6 weapons, including the best shotgun, cannon, melee weapon, and missile launcher on offer.

Armored Core 6 weapons: an Armored Core holding a hulking weapon with sparks flying off it.

What are the best AC6 weapons? There are a ton of weapons to pick from and your choice depends on how much weight your build can withstand and the amount of firepower you can cook up.

The best AC6 weapon goes a long way toward making short work of enemies during your Armored Core 6 missions as you play through the story to reach all possible Armored Core 6 endings. As playstyles vary, so do our recommended weapon parts, but as your goal in most fights is going to be to stagger your enemies, we’ve picked out some weapons that are perfect for not only doing a lot of regular damage, but impact damage as well. These are core considerations when creating the best Armored Core 6 builds for the early and late game, so check out our Armored Core 6 parts list to see what you’re missing.

What are the best Armored Core 6 weapons?

The best AC6 guns are:

  • Best Armored Core 6 shotgun – SG-027 Zimmerman
  • Best Armored Core 6 melee weapon – Vvc-774LS
  • Best Armored Core 6 energy weapon – Fasan/60E
  • Best Armored Core 6 missile launcher – BML-G1 P07VTC-12

The best Armored Core 6 shotgun

Best Armored Core 6 shotgun

Shotguns are the most indispensable tools in your arsenal in Armored Core 6. Not only do they tend to kill weaker enemies and targets in just a hit or two, they can decimate even the toughest Armored Core 6 bosses in no time.

You can’t go wrong if you equip two shotguns and we recommend the SG-027 Zimmerman. It’s unique in that it’s a shotgun built for medium-range combat, and you won’t need to purely fight in close quarters while using it.

Dual wielding also lets you fire one shotgun and then switch to the other for a quick double tap, and if you time it right, you can reload shortly after firing when alternating between the two. For bosses, you can assault boost into a kick and then follow up with two instantaneous shotgun blasts for a bigger hit. The WR-077 Sweet Sixteen shotguns are another great option, but better for close range.

The best Armored Core 6 laser cannon

Best Armored Core 6 melee weapon

Out of all the melee weapons in Armored Core 6, nothing impresses us quite as much as the Vvc-774LS Laser Slicer. Each hit does 1615 damage. The kicker is that it hits twice. Not only that, the weapon has a ridiculous amount of range, which makes it perfect for slicing up a bunch of weaker enemies. You can charge it too for an extra dose of punishment. Much like most other melee weapons, the reload time isn’t great, but due to its range and power, it more than makes up for it.

The best Armored Core 6 energy weapon

Best Armored Core 6 energy weapon

While energy weapons don’t tend to have enough impact when it comes to boss fights, the same can’t be said for the shoulder-mounted variety. The Fasan/60E is an extremely powerful plasma cannon that creates a small area of effect when dealing its damage. Between persistently doing damage while the explosion is in effect, the long range, and the respectable amount of impact damage, this weapon is also great for distance.

The best Armored Core 6 missle launcher

Best Armored Core 6 missile launcher

The BML-G1/P07VTC-12 is the perfect weapon to rain down fire on enemy mechs. It locks on with 12 missiles before dropping them with a bang. While the WR-0999 Delivery Boy cluster missile launcher is another great option, it can only be fired 20 times. Regardless of which one you choose, though, you’re going to absolutely devastate your enemies when using either in tandem with the above weapons.

And those are our picks for the best Armored Core 6 weapons parts. Whether you like to get up close and personal or dish out pain from a distance, there should be something here that will strike fear into the hearts of your foes. Just like we say in our Armored Core 6 review, make sure to pair them with the right Armored Core 6 frame parts and Armored Core 6 inner parts for the best setup.