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A month later, The Day Before is officially dead

The Day Before is dead, as the servers are officially pulled offline for the hyped and quickly destroyed zombie survival game from 2023.

The Day Before dead: a man with a dark beard and shoulder length black hair, wearing tactical gear

The Day Before is dead. No, really, it actually is, for real this time. I checked. There are no servers to play on, leaving me hanging around the menu screen like some sort of ghost that only haunts dead games. Developer Fntastic has vanished into the wind, leaving this empty relic in its wake.

With Fntastic scrubbing The Day Before from Steam, YouTube, and everywhere else on the internet, I’m one of the few people that still has the much-maligned game installed. I kept thinking ‘Maybe something will happen?’ before the impending shutdown, but it never did.

One of the most hyped survival games, and king of the Steam wishlist charts, is dead. Developer Fntastic said “The Day Before will be retired and the servers will be turned off on [Monday] January 22, 2024” and after logging in this morning, it certainly looks that way.

The Day Before dead: an image of the server screen from The Day Before, except there's nowhere to log in

One player kept logging into The Day Before after the news it was dying made the rounds, and now they can’t even load up into the actual game. There are no servers for North America, Europe, or Asia listed on the game anymore. So it looks like Fntastic has done what it said it would and shut down The Day Before for good.

Between an astronomically bad launch, poor optimization, and Fntastic announcing the closure of the studio mere days after release, The Day Before was one of the most interesting stories in videogames last year. The Day Before refunds were soon promised for everyone, with one of the most anticipated shooters of the year quickly turning into a cautionary tale for the ages.

The Day Before could have been something. The idea of a zombie MMO (or extraction shooter, as we found out at launch) isn’t exactly a bad one. But it was underbaked, overhyped, and just ended up being nothing. What’s worse than that?

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