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The Day Before refunds available for all, as dev says “s**t happens”

The Day Before refunds are coming to all Steam players that request them, as developer Fntastic says it is working with Valve on them.

The Day before refunds: a man in a brown leather jacket in a forest, with short dirty blonde combed hair and a scar over his left eye

Piecing together exactly what happened with The Day Before is like trying to do a jigsaw if all the pieces were facing the wrong way, had razor-sharp edges, and were also on fire. You can no longer buy one of Steam’s most wishlisted games after less than a week because developer Fntastic has closed down, and there’s chaos in the game’s Discord as people scramble for refunds. Well, it looks like Fntastic and The Day Before publisher Mytona are working with Valve for refunds.

The Day Before came and went so fast. The highly anticipated zombie game is no longer on sale, and while the servers will remain up for a time and you can still play it, we now know that every single person who bought the game can refund it.

“Answer to those who ask for a refund,” Fantastic says. “Mytona and [Fntastic are] currently working with Steam to allow refunds for any player who chooses to request one, regardless of game time. Fntastic received $0 and will receive nothing from The Day Before sales.”

This is followed by the official Fntastic account replying to a number of comments, confirming that the IP doesn’t belong to the Fntastic studio, and adding that “This was our first big experience. S**t happens.”

The Day Before refunds: tweets about the day before's refund situation

With the Fntastic closure and The Day Before removed from sale on Steam, there’s still a lot to unpack with the game. GameDiscoverCo founder Simon Carless has shared what they claim is a leaked Telegram message showing that The Day Before had 201,000 buyers and 91,700 refunders, putting that refund rate at an alleged 46%. This is currently conjecture, but the offer of refunds for all and no future improvements means the number will likely keep climbing.

The Day Before was mired in controversy from the start, with massive promises, a trailer that lifted shots directly from Call of Duty Zombies, and players realizing the promised MMO played more like an incredibly bare-bones extraction shooter.

There was also a lot of what looked exactly like AI writing, comments about journalists, and Discord mods left to pick up the pieces as Fntastic largely remained silent over the game’s launch weekend.

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