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The Day Before Discord mod says Fntastic threw “us under the bus”

One The Day Before Discord moderator says Fntastic hasn't been in contact with the volunteers and mods on the server since it launched.

The Day Before Discord meltdown: a man with dark slicked back hair, a beard, and a checked shirt and light jacket

The Day Before Discord continues to be in shambles, as one of the key moderators, initially speaking on behalf of developer Fntastic throughout the game’s marketing period, alleges that they haven’t heard a word from the team since launch. The same mod has issued a statement regarding the game’s launch and reception, adding that they feel they’ve been “thrown under the bus” by Fntastic.

User ‘Levitate’ has been on the frontlines of The Day Before’s Discord server since its launch last week. They’ve got an official Fntastic tag and are listed as a moderator for the zombie game’s server as well, but have now added the “not a dev” descriptor to their profile as they answer player questions about the state of the game.

They allege that they haven’t heard from developer Fntastic, and have been issuing statements to players based on what they were told before launch, while apologizing for the current state of the game – specifically the fact that it appears to be more of an extraction shooter, and less of an MMO. The Day Before’s MMO status came into question on launch day when the Discord server exploded, and the company has subsequently attempted to remove any mention of it being an MMO from its online platforms.

The Day Before Discord meltdown: an image of a Discord message

“I shared information about the game’s genre based on my understanding from the team, like anyone else involved,” Levitate’s main statement on Discord reads. “Myself, our mods, our volunteers, we all expected an MMO survival game.

“We communicated based on what we received. It appeared [sic] aspects of the game have evolved differently, leading to it being more of an extraction game. I apologize for any confusion this has caused. I am equally as frustrated as anyone else. My role has been centered on our community and the volunteers, not game development.

“I relayed information in good faith and regret any unintended misinformation. There was a miscommunication, leading to unexpected expectations. I understand and respect your feelings on this matter. Please know it was never my intention to mislead. I’ll continue to help the mods here, and then decide what I’ll do, as I am not fond of the blame being shifted to the people who acted in good faith for this community for the past two years.”

Since The Day Before launched last week, Fntastic has remained largely silent as the chaos unfolds. There has been a set of patch notes on Steam, but as of publication, there’s no response to player expectations. The Day Before’s Steam player numbers have also dropped dramatically, with at least a 75% decline since launch mere days ago.

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Levitate has been asked multiple times on Discord if they’ve heard from the devs, and they’ve given responses like “It’s a ghost town” or “It’s been pure silence.” Another user complimented how the mods have at least been attempting to clear up what’s going on, to which Levitate responds “Well, there’s nothing more that we can do. Especially since they tried to throw us under the bus for their s**t.”

In the Discord Levitate also adds that they’re unsure if Fntastic will even address what’s happening, adding that they’ve “never had direct contact with the devs. F**k knows where they are.” Instead, Levitate says a third party communicated with them and the other moderators and volunteers, and that they then relayed this information to players.

PCGamesN has reached out to Fntastic and Levitate regarding Levitate’s comments and the launch of The Day Before, and shall update this story if we get a response.

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