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The Day Before Times Square billboard marks game’s launch week

The Day Before has shown up on a New York Times Square billboard ahead of this week's Steam Early Access launch, confusing me even more.

The Day Before New York billboard

The Day Before now has a New York Times Square billboard and, no, I’m not joking. The highly-anticipated yet mired-in-controversy zombie RPG is finally coming out in early access this week on Steam, and I don’t think any of us really know what to expect.

Between multiple trailers that seem to take heavy-handed inspiration from other games and continual delays, I’m cautiously optimistic about The Day Before release date. The zombie game might be up at the top of many Steam wishlists, but The Day Before still remains a bit of a mystery.

You can see the footage of The Day Before New York Times Square billboard below, which Fntastic says is from Wednesday, November 29.

YouTube Thumbnail

While I can’t give you an exact figure as to how much was paid to get The Day Before in Times Square, I took a look around and found out about some billboard prices, and it’s even more expensive than I imagined.

Timessquarebillboard.com charges $150 for 15 seconds of screen time on one billboard every house – or 6 minutes a day. This is more consumer-friendly than aimed at corporations, but it’s still a lot for, let’s face it, very little.

I also keep seeing a $5,000 to $50,000 price tag tossed around depending on the billboard and, if this is true, looking at The Day Before ads in the video leads me to believe they’re in that range. The footage even shows multiple billboards, so Fntastic is definitely putting the money into it.

Because of the scope of Times Square billboard options and prices it really is impossible to tell, but let’s hope the spending is indicative of the game’s release, which is finally approaching after delays on Thursday, December 7. That’s the same day as The Game Awards, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fntastic fork out for a spot on Geoff’s show, either.

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