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The Division 2 talents: the best DPS talents for your guns and gear

The best mods to pick up for your weapons and armour to buff your damage output

The Division 2 dps talents

What are the best damage talents in The Division 2? There are many perks in Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic jaunt through Washington,D.C. sure, but only some appeal to those of us who want to pump out as much damage as possible. Be it in the hostile-player filled environments of The Dark Zone or the more co-op friendly territories of the upcoming The Division 2 raids, sometimes you just need to fill something with lead to get the job done.

Of course, damage boosting talents aren’t merely limited to your weapon. Gear items like gloves and backpacks can also provide a handy boost to your overall damage, so you’ll want to think about your build on the whole. This will seem daunting at first, but having a high damage build will offer a great deal of flexibility to your playstyle, making it worth the headache.

To further ease that brian strain, we’ve sifted through The Division 2’s best damage talents and separated them from others that may not be of interest to you. So without further adieu, here are the DPS talents that you’ll want to to keep your eyes peeled for during your next excursion through Washington.

Best The Division 2 talents for damage


  • Breadbasket: the Breadbasket rewards players for landing body shots with a +5% headshot multiplier for ten seconds. This talent stacks up to ten times and will reward anyone who can place their shots. To really cash in on this you’ll need a weapon with high accuracy and a moderate RPM – bolt-action snipers will not cut it. The SVD is particularly useful here as it benefits from the sniper rifle’s headshot damage multiplier and fires fast enough to stack a hefty Breadbasket buff on top of that.
  • Close and personal: as you’ll glean from the name, this one is about charging down foes. Killing a target within seven meters grants a chonky 50% boost to weapon damage for five seconds. The Close and Personal talent will bode well with anyone who wishes to call upon the spirit of Leeroy Jenkins and charge head first into battle. This is great for clearing out ads as each kill will keep the buff going.
  • Killer: the Killer talent grants a 50% chance of a critical hit to anyone who can finish off an enemy with a critical shot. Keep in mind, though, that this perk will only stay active for five seconds. You’ll want to spec an SMG around this because of their inherent crit chance bonus.
  • Perpetuation: headshot kills grant an extra 5% to your skill duration, ammo, and charges to the next skill used. The Perpetuation can also stack up to ten times.
  • Strained: for every 5% of armour that you lose, you’re 10% more likely to land some critical hit damage. This is very powerful on a close-quarters build and will help you clutch out some tricky situations.


  • Berserk: not too dissimilar to the Strained talent, Berserk grants you an extra 10% of weapon damage for every 10% of max armour that has been depleted. Speaking of, this talent also holds some nice synergy to the Strained perk as they both grant boosts to damage at the expense of losing armour. Add Close and Personal to the mix and you’ve got a devastating rusher build.
  • Surgical: nothing overly fancy here, just a good ol’ 8% boost to critical hit chance with no conditions needing to be met.
  • Hard Hitting: another talent that doesn’t require a condition to proc, Hard Hitting grants 15% more damage to elite-tier targets. Speccing out one weapon just to deal with Elites is advised.
  • Critical: yup, you guessed it. Critical grants you a flat 8% boost to critical hit damage with nothing needed to proc the talent.
  • Precise: a talent for the marksmen to cherish, Precise charges up your headshot damage by a cool 15%.

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And there you have it, the best The Division 2 damage talents to help you maximise your damage output. You’ll definitely want to think about what kind of playstyle you’ll want to use to maximise how much you’ll get out of these. If you’re more gung-ho and resigned to losing a lot of armour, the Strained and Berserk talents will go together quite nicely. The rest, of course, is up to you.