Bethesda hosts Elder Scrolls Online streamer charity event

Bethesda is hosting an Elder Scrolls Online streamer event in the MMORPG on July 10-17 for No Kid Hungry, a charity aiming to end child hunger in the USA

The Elder Scrolls Online charity event - Give a Sweetroll 2022 - an elf holds a basket of food

Bethesda is partnering with a number of The Elder Scrolls Online streamers for a charity event aiming to raise money for No Kid Hungry, a charity that works to prevent childhood hunger in the United States. The event is running from July 10-17, and features ten notable streamers from the MMORPG’s community who will be taking it in turns to host special charity shows with a selection of giveaways.

The Give A Sweetroll 2022 charity drive is being run in partnership with No Kid Hungry’s own streaming initiative, Stream NKH. Bethesda will be hosting the featured streamers on their main Twitch channel, so you can go there at any point during the campaign period to see which of the community members from the official Elder Scrolls Online stream team is currently live.

Donations are being collected through the Give a Sweetroll Tiltify page, which includes the individual campaigns for each of the streamers – so you can choose to donate directly to a specific one if you’d like or just give your money to the overall campaign. At the time of writing, the campaign is closing in on $3,000 dollars raised in its first day as it works towards a goal of $30,000.

Bethesda notes that there will also be a selection of goodies and prizes on offer for viewers, with “giveaways that include a Pink Torchbug pet, provision station furnishing, and the chef’s outfit costume” for players to show off in the multiplayer game. Plus, it’s all for a very worthwhile cause.

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