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Elder Scrolls Online to give away free player house next month

May's Elder Scrolls Online login rewards have been announced and a free house is up for grabs and you won't have to wait long either.

Elder Scrolls Online to give away free player house next month: A Redguard from ESO looks towards the viewer, surrounded by greenery and wide blue skies.

Since 2018 Elder Scrolls Online players have been rewarded for the simple act of logging in. Each month comes with its own rewards track giving players a little incentive to not just pop into the game but head in every single day. Now, some of May’s rewards have been released for ESO and players are looking down the barrel at one of the most rewarding months since the system was first introduced.

There are two surprises for players in May’s Elder Scrolls Online login rewards. The first is that unlike most months in the MMORPG, where costumes, currency, crates, so many fortifying meals, and the occasional pet or housing item are given away, there’s something extremely meaty being dropped. Next month players will be able to get their own house, for free. There are other free houses in the game, from a room in an inn to ones granted for completing certain quests, but as far as we’re aware this is the first time an entire player house has been included in the daily login rewards track.

The second surprise is that, unlike most months, you won’t have to wait long to get this reward. Usually months are structured with the big items at the end, encouraging players to log in more to receive them. In May, however, players will grab their new house after only three logins. With the new Gold Road chapter around the corner and the game in the middle of its ten year anniversary celebrations, it’s fitting that Zenimax Online Studios is starting May off with a bang.

The Sword-singer's Redoubt seen in ESO, an oasis among desert rocks, with spires dotted around.

The house in question is the Sword-Singer’s Redoubt, located on the border between the Alik’r Desert and Bangkorai, right in the middle of Redguard territory. Also known as the Alik’r Oasis, this house is classed as a manor, making it one of the largest and most opulent kinds of house you can get your hands on. For those who like to travel by foot, its location also makes it the only route between the two zones for any adventuring pavement-pounders.

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Zenimax Online Studios hasn’t shown off the full month’s rewards just yet but also on the cards are Scalecaller Crown Crates, Seals of Endeavor, Xanmeer Crown Crates, and my favorite – a Bruma Spotted Pig pet, who looks absolutely adorable. From Wednesday, May 1, players will be able to see the full reward list by logging in, with more “spectacular” things being teased by the developer.

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