Skyrim mod adds a talking sword you can ride in a DLC-sized quest

Skyrim mod There is No Umbra adds in yet another DLC-sized questline with new voices, mechanics, characters, and an in-lore floating sword to Bethesda's RPG.

While we all wait for the Elder Scrolls 6 release date, the constant stream of Skyrim mods is sure to keep us busy, and I’ve found a new and expansive in-lore quest mod that should give you that Bethesda RPG game feel you’ve been yearning for. This Skyrim content has voice acting, plenty of new quests, and a floating sword that talks, so it’s got a little bit of everything, really.

The Skyrim mod in question is “There is No Umbra – Chapter 3” by FableForge – and, before you worry about having to download too many mods to get this working, the first two chapters are included by default.

While the Umbra sword has been added via the creation club, this is a lot bigger, adding a “DLC-sized questline” with around 5,000 new voice lines, multiple endings, new locations, mechanics, and a floating sword that you can throw and ride, with mind control and teleportation thrown in for good measure.

“The story is focused entirely on Daumbra: the newest incarnation of the cursed sword Umbra,” FableForge writes. “She can be your follower, but she can also be your weapon, and comes with several mechanics which I think are somewhat novel such as riding on her like a hoverboard, or throwing her like a javelin (and then she fights the baddies at the spot where she lands), mind control, teleportation, telekinetically using the enemies’ own weapons against them, and so on.”

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You’ll unlock these mechanics and abilities as you progress through the quests in the Skyrim mod, and it’s recommended that you don’t rush through all 11 quests, instead letting it breathe, because some elements are missable if you don’t let it organically unfold as you play through your normal Skyrim save.

There are also multiple endings that rely on moral choices, seemingly in the vein of the end of Fallout New Vegas. So there may not be a black-and-white answer, and personally, that’s what makes open-world games like the one under Bethesda’s belt interesting when done well.

I don’t want to give much more away, to be honest, so you’d be best downloading the Skyrim mod for yourself and avoiding too many descriptors, instead just checking what other mods you need to be installed and what else is recommended.

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