This Skyrim mod lets you turn Good Boy Meeko into a corgi, terrier, or pug

Meeko and Skyrim's many other dogs can transform into totally different breeds with this new mod

Meeko, my beloved Skyrim pupper (who, yes, I’ve previously dedicated an entire feature to), will be very special to any Dragonborn who chooses him as their companion into battle and adventure. But, as a scraggy, shaggy, doe-eyed mutt, he’s typical of – well, identical to – all the other dogs found around Bethesda’s RPG. But, a new Skyrim mod is putting different spins on Skyrim’s Good Boys and Girls, by letting you pick out entirely new breeds for Meeko and the open-world game’s many other doggos.

Gg77’s Dog Replacer mod for Skyrim: Special Edition introduces a whole bunch of different models that let you transform Skyrim’s pups – including Meeko and Vigilance, another canine companion who can be found in the stables just outside Markarth – into other breeds. Currently, you can pick from ten different breeds, though the modder says they’re aiming to add more soon. Delightfully, these include a range of options, from very noble, larger dog types right across to adorable diddy, teeny weeny ones.

For Dragonborn seeking a doggo capable of tackling mountains, draugr-filled dungeons, and Skryim’s rocky roads no problem, there are Bernese mountain dog, German shepherd, Doge, and even beagle variants.

Then, there are the comical but no less wonderful corgi, pug, chihuahua, dachshund, bulldog, and Jack Russell terrier types, too. All of the new meshes and textures make the dogs look really authentic – faithful to their real-life inspirations – and the mod draws on previous creations by Skyrim and Fallout 4 modders (with full credits included on the mod’s page) to create the dog replacements. You can grab it from Nexus Mods here if you’re keen to bring the new dog breeds to your game.

As ever, mod with caution, and be sure to check out our rundowns of the best fantasy games and RPG games on PC if you’re looking for some other treats to try in a similar vein to Skyrim.

Image credits: gg77 / Nexus Mods