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Skyrim mod lets you transform into a dragon

Skyrim mod Feral Dragon Avatar lets players become a dragon in the RPG game using a dragon shout to transform into one of several different weredragon forms

Skyrim mod - Feral Dragon Avatar - a red dragon roars in the fields outside Whiterun

Skyrim is all about dragons, so it only seems reasonable that you should be able to become a dragon yourself eventually, and now a new Skyrim mod lets players transform into one of several different weredragon forms in the RPG game. Each dragon variant comes with its own unique benefits and detriments, and the mod also includes a custom perk tree which allows users to utilise dragon souls to power up their lizard potency.

The Feral Dragon Avatar mod, created by KataPUMB, adds a new unique shout to the open-world game which can be earned through a small quest unlocked after reaching level 10. The ‘Fel-Dov-Aan’ shout can then be used to transform into a scaly weredragon form. Previous mods have adapted the game’s werewolf form to somewhat similar effect, but KataPUMB says of that approach: “it works, but not quite how I would like, so I made this.”

Once in dragon form, you can use any combination of shouts and lesser powers, and you also have the ability to loot items and objects without needing to transform back into your humanoid form. However, you can’t equip items or spells except for shouts and voice-related powers while you are a dragon. Perhaps most amusingly, NPCs will recognise your new form, meaning that guards will treat you as a dragon and address you accordingly.

Before transforming, you have a number of potential dragon forms to choose from, which KataPUMB says are inspired by designs from the Pathfinder fantasy roleplaying game. You can choose between the classic red dragon, a chivalrous silver dragon, a vicious black dragon, a scheming blue dragon, a righteous bronze dragon, an acid-hurling green dragon, or a glimmering pink time dragon.

Each variant comes with their own unique elemental breath attacks, weaknesses, and resistances, as well as three distinct special abilities. For example, the silver dragon can absorb spells and deals extra damage to undead or daedric foes with their silver claws. Perhaps most intriguing is the time dragon, which can “tear the fabric of time dealing irresistible frost damage” as well as having the benefit of a more effective ‘slow time’ shout that slows enemies down even more while not affecting your character.

Skyrim mod - Feral Dragon Avatar - an emerald green dragon roars in the fields outside Whiterun

In addition, there is a distinct, standalone perk tree that affects your power in dragon form. This uses dragon souls as its currency, giving players more reason to hunt down as many dragons as possible to boost their own potency. Furthermore, many of the perks scale based on the number of unused dragon souls you are holding, which can lead to some incredibly potent values.

KataPUMB notes that the perks are “scaled to reasonable levels when you have between 1-100 dragon souls,” but that exceeding that will make you an almost unstoppable force of nature. At the top of the perk tree is an ability called ‘Sillesejoor Feast’ which allows your dragon avatar to devour entire mortal souls for health recovery. We can’t wait to try it out!

The mod doesn’t alter any records from the base version of the game, so KataPUMB says there should be no compatibility issues to watch out for. They do recommend installing a couple of complementary mods, including ‘more draconic aspect’ to add large dragon wings to your model and ‘flying mod beta’ so that you can, well, fly.

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