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New Skyrim mod takes you on a fully voiced holiday adventure

Skyrim mod The Gift of Saturalia is a great reason to return to the best Elder Scrolls game this holiday, with a GTA-inspired trailer too.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod The Gift of Saturalia - A bearded man in a Santa outfit of red and white.

Skyrim mods are the gift that just keep on giving, so what better present for the holiday season than one final, fantastic release from one of its most talented creators. The Gift of Saturalia is a special holiday quest that sees you spreading the spirit of the season across the lands of Skyrim. If you’re after something more festive than Starfield has to offer, and more story-driven than Fallout 76’s dressed-up scorched, what better option than to return to the snowy climes of Bethesda’s best Elder Scrolls game?

New Skyrim quest The Gift of Saturalia comes from creator ‘JaySerpa,’ whose name you might recognize if you’ve ever dug through the best Skyrim mods. One of the most prolific creators in the scene, JaySerpa has a special treat for the crown jewel of Bethesda’s epic open-world RPGs. It’s fully voiced (by real actors), is lore-friendly to the base game, can take advantage of festive mods but doesn’t rely on you having them, and expands on several underloved NPCs, taking into account your existing relationships with them and potentially even altering their lives permanently.

“The Gift of Saturalia adds a brand new quest in which a bearded old trader will teach you about Saturalia and ask your aid to make his Saturalia wishes come true,” JaySerpa explains. “He wants you to help the people in Skyrim that are going through a rough time and, by doing this, also spread the spirit of Saturalia across the province.” You can get a feel for it in the delightful trailer below, which parodies the original GTA 5 reveal.

YouTube Thumbnail

The adventure is fairly short, with a total playtime of around one to two hours, but it’ll take you “all over Skyrim” and features “around 500 lines of dialogue, fully voiced, with a mix of new characters (with new voice actors) and spliced vanilla lines.” The original cast consists of voice actors and Twitch streamers ‘Lizz’ as Diane the Bard and ‘Urgie’ as Niklas the Trader, who you can learn more about on the mod page.

JaySerpa adds, “The best part of this mod is that it has lasting effects, scenes, and dialogue after its completion, altering some locations and the life of several NPCs.” Some might end up moving to a new home, or a new city altogether. It will also make use of the popular Saturalia mod from the Skyrim Creators’ Club if you have it installed, along with a few other choice mods, but works just fine without them.

If you’re ready to go on a holiday adventure in Skyrim, just head here to the mod page for full instructions on how to install it. Alternatively, discover more of JaySerpa’s excellent work, which includes a handy Starfield feature in Skyrim, and a College of Winterhold expansion that transforms it into a proper school of magic.

The Elder Scrolls 6 release date is definitely still a long, long way off. So in the meantime, we’ve rounded up the best games like Skyrim to scratch the itch if mods alone aren’t enough to do the job any more.

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