Skyrim mod turns opening chests into a treasure hunt

A new key hunt Skyrim mod gives almost every chest in the fantasy RPG a specific key you can hunt down to unlock it, instead of having to lockpick everything

Skyrim mod turns opening chests into a treasure hunt: A Khajiit holds a one handed axe and readies for battle

If you’ve ever fancied a spot of treasure hunting, a new Skyrim mod might be just for you. As well as being one of the best RPG games, Skyrim is renowned for its community creations, and now you can give almost every single chest in the game a specific key to unlock it, if you’re sick of the infernal lockpicking minigame.

Aptly named “Locked Chests Have Keys,” this mod from JaySerpa joins their other absurdly wonderful creations like immersive marriage rejections. This mod however asks where all the keys have gone for Skyrim’s over-abundance of chests, and puts hidden keys nearby for you to find. Lockpicking is still an option though, if you’re so inclined.

JaySerpa adds that some of these keys will be quite easy to find, whilst others will prove to be much more difficult. If a key also already exists for a chest it’s then linked to that chest specifically as well, to make each one unique.

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The Skyrim mod also has minimal world edits, as it just adds a “single well-hidden key” to each chest location. Unlocked boss chests will also now be locked and have a key nearby, while different mesh models for keys will match their chest design. So bandit chests will have a specific key design for example, alongside dwemer chests and metal strongboxes. Around 300 chests from Skyrim’s DLC are also covered in the mod as well.

JaySerpa also recommends that you put the Skyrim mod as high as possible in the load order, which should help it remain compatible with most other mods for the fantasy game. As long as other Skyrim mods overwrite “Locked Chests Have Keys” you should be fine.

It also looks like JaySerpa has got ahead of you lore-hungry players that might be asking why the bandits don’t just hold onto the keys at all times, as they give two reasons for hiding the keys around the world.

“Lore-friendly explanation: Because bandits know that when living among master pickpockets, you shouldn’t sleep with your most precious key around your neck. Actual explanation: It would be messy to deal with inventories and it’d make it too easy to bypass lockpicking altogether. This is a cleaner way and it adds an extra challenge: find the key!”

If you want to dive into this Skyrim key hunt mod you can find it on Nexus Mods.

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