A Skyrim fan has recreated Riverwood in Valheim

One of Skyrim's prettiest villages comes to Valheim in a new player creation

With Skyrim having distinctly Viking-y roots, and Iron Gate’s new hit Valheim being a true Viking survival adventure, it’s not surprising that fans are making the two overlap. Last week, a Valheim player recreated Skyrim’s High Hrothgar in all its Greybeardy glory, and now another has crafted the whole village of Riverwood in the Viking game, too.

Valheim fan LiteraryCringe has posted some screenshots of their creation on the Skyrim subreddit, explaining they “took the last week to rebuild Riverwood in Valheim!” Any fan of Bethesda’s RPG game can see at glance that the fan-made Riverwood à la Valheim is not only lovely to look at, but also incredibly faithful to the Whiterun Hold’s prettiest village, within what’s possible using the Early Access sandbox game’s tools and crafting materials.

Handily posted with comparison shots to the real deal for reference, we can see Riverwood’s main features: the sawmill with its water wheel, pockets of buildings made of beams, stilts, and straw roofs, its namesake river running through the village’s centre complete with wooden foot bridges, and a fortification wall at its near side.

Its surrounding terrain looks the part, too, with Valheim Riverwood peppered with tall trees and sitting in the shadow of Throat of the World’s mountainside. There’s no Bleakfalls Barrow looming overhead that we can see, but perhaps that’s a good thing – ’tis a spooky place. Take a look for yourself:

Image credit: LiteraryCringe / r/skyrim

It looks like the creator has plans to fill Riverwood’s abodes up, too, saying in the post’s replies that they’ll “definitely update y’all when [they] have the interiors done”. It’s a really impressive build and it’ll be exciting to see if they recreate aspects like The Sleeping Giant Inn’s cosy interior (perhaps complete with Delphine’s secret Blades basement) soon.

In the meantime, check out our Valheim building guide for some handy tips on how to get your own project off the ground.