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Skyrim Steam sale the perfect excuse to play one of the best PC games

This Skyrim Steam sale offers multiple versions of the best PC game at a massive discount, if you want to replay Bethesda's masterpiece or convince a friend.

Skyrim Steam sale the perfect excuse to play one of the best PC games: man in fantasy armour ready's a sword with a blurred background of a tundra

Almost everyone reading this has played Skyrim or uses Steam. The decade-old Bethesda PC game is an absolute classic that I’m still writing about on a regular basis, thanks to incredibly inventive Skyrim mods, fan creations, and even the occasional theory about the land of Tamriel too. So, if you want to upgrade your version of Skyrim, or convince that one friend to finally dive into it, now’s the perfect time.

Mmany of the different versions of Skyrim are on sale on Steam, offering you the chance to get some extra content or visual improvements for a fraction of the full price, if you’ve never upgraded from the base version of Bethesda’s open-world game.

The Skyrim sale on Steam is available until February 19, with a few options available for anyone returning to Tamriel or visiting for the first time. There are plenty of games like Skyrim, but nothing beats the best.

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Skyrim Steam sale options

  • Skyrim Special Edition $9.99 USD (£8.74)
  • Skyrim Anniversary Edition upgrade $9.99 USD (£7.99)
  • Skyrim Anniversary Edition complete $16.49 USD (£14.18)

Skyrim VR is still at full price on Steam, but the above versions are your best bet for getting the full Skyrim experience. Released in 2016, the Skyrim Special Edition comes with some visual improvements to Bethesda’s base game alongside all DLC, which includes Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire.

The anniversary edition of Skyrim includes the above alongside even more visual improvements and a whopping 74 pieces of creation club content like weapons, armour, and quests.

You can find Skyrim Special Edition on Steam, with the Bethesda game also available on PC Game Pass.

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