The Finals is available right now, so dive in and play

The Finals is available right here, right now, as Embark Studios announces that its hit multiplayer shooter has dropped during TGAs.

A man in sunglasses wearing a bucket hat with 'the finals' shining in light on his face smirks into the camera on a pink background

Yes, that’s right, you heard me: The Finals has officially left its beta days behind and has launched in full during its TGA announcement. If you’ve been looking forward to diving back into the squad-based shooter, then now is the time, now is the hour – knock ’em dead for the cameras.

If you’re not aboard The Finals hype train already, Embark Studios’ new multiplayer sensation is one of 2023’s greatest hits. Channelling the squad-based shooting of Apex Legends, but with destructible surroundings that are perfect for crushing your enemies beneath, the FPS game soared to the top of Steam’s charts, outclassing both Baldur’s Gate 3 and GTA.

While not without controversy – it was found that The Finals uses AI voiceover, which Embark insists “isn’t an end goal” – the game has etched itself into PC gaming history as one of 2023’s biggest breakout hits.

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Following the beta’s closure in early November, avid fans have been praying, hoping with starry eyes that The Finals release date will come soon. However, other that ‘Q4 2023’ there’s been no real mention of an exact launch – until now, and I mean, now.

The Finals is available right now, Wednesday, December 6, going live alongside the studio’s TGA announcement. 

No, really, this isn’t a drill. The Finals’ full release is now available on Steam, and you can play it right now. If nothing else at the TGAs takes your fancy, then at least this is the silver lining.

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Alongside the launch trailer, The Finals reveals the new location of the glittering streets of Las Vegas, and a casino-themed brawl taking place between teams as they fight for the prestigious grand prize.

If you’re ready to dive into The Finals after what feels like an eternal wait, we have a list of all The Finals classes, as well as the best The Finals settings for max fps and performance – after all, the competition is already fierce, and it’s about to get fiercer.

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