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Are The Finals servers down? Current status and maintenance

The Finals has hit the ground running, but as players flock to the 3v3v3 FPS game, you might experience The Finals server status issues.

The Finals mascot Nama Tama lies broken with a sad look on their face due to The Finals server status issues.

Are The Finals servers down? As countless ‘Contestants’ swarm to The Finals all hoping to reach the finals of this fictional game show, there could be some chaos on the game’s servers, alongside the chaos of the gameplay itself.

The Finals has cemented itself as one of the best new FPS games around thanks to its unique blend of a Fortnite-like aesthetic, frenzied gameplay, and Valorant-style combat. When The Finals release date hit during The Game Awards 2023, it was met with an unexpected influx of players wanting to get in on the action of its unrivaled multiplayer experience. The contestant numbers are still overwhelming, so you might need to know The Finals server status details right now, and how to fix The Finals login errors.

The Finals server status: A black screen showing The Finals logo and "in queue" text.

Are The Finals servers down?

Yes, The Finals’ servers are reportedly down for some players. While a few fans say they’re able to get in-game, others are still locked out. They’ll likely return to working order within the next few hours, based on previous outages.

The latest update from developers on the The Finals Twitter account was about server caps around the release, which were periodically increased until queues were gone. We’ll keep an eye on the account and the game and update you here if anything changes.

The The Finals login error 500 code on a blue background.

What is The Finals fatal error 500 code?

The error code most Contestants seem to be experiencing right now is The Finals login error 500, which appears in the form of a Windows notification before the game can even launch. Given that the game is unavailable in this form, you can’t even jump into training mode to work on your aim. This error code appears when The Finals login queue reaches capacity.

The Finals login error 500 fix

Unfortunately, there’s no fix for The Finals login error 500 that players can address directly as the servers have reached their limits. Since the error code doesn’t even let the game load, we recommend waiting a few minutes before attempting to boot the game up again.

Though the servers have hit their limits, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get in. If you wait enough time, you may be able to claim a spot when enough players leave the server. When we were greeted with the fatal error 500 code, we managed to get into the game by waiting a few minutes, so don’t give up hope.

What is The Finals error code tfla0002?

It’s unclear exactly what tfla0002 pertains to, although some players have reported this error code when attempting to use a VPN. Our advice, if you must use a VPN, is to rotate the target country to find one that allows the login process to be completed.

If you’re having trouble, we hope you overcome The Finals server issues and get into the chaotic action soon. In the meantime, why not try out some of the other best free PC games available right now, including similar multiplayer games and FPS games. Or you could always watch someone else stream the game and pick up some The Finals Twitch drops for when you get back online.