The Finals Twitch drops and how to claim

If you're still on the fence about dropping into The Finals open beta, then just watch someone else play and earn three cool The Finals Twitch drop rewards.

A The Finals character wearing a panda mask and a cowboy hat, which is one of the The Finals Twitch drops.

What are The Finals Twitch drops? Twitch drops are without a doubt the easiest way to earn some sweet loot to show off in your favorite games, and now The Finals is here in the form of its open beta, the first Twitch drops are available for the upcoming FPS game.

There’s plenty of time during The Finals open beta to both play yourself and pick up a massive 16 The Finals beta rewards for playing, and watch others for tips, with the latter given you even more cosmetic goodies in the form of The Finals Twitch drops. All rewards are then available to you in-game when the full The Finals release date rolls around.

The Finals Twitch Drops Ospuze Ropers weapon charm.

When are The Finals Twitch drops available

The Finals Twitch drops are live between October 26 and November 5, 2023, the same as the open beta period. Simply log on to Twitch and link your account to the FPS game, and tune into participating The Finals streamers.

During this period, you must watch participating channels for the required time, which we detail below. You can then claim your items from your Twitch Inventory, and they’ll be available in-game when the full game launches.

An image of two of the The Finals Twitch drops, the Ospuze recycled weapon skin and the Ospuze Ten-Gallon sticker.

All current The Finals Twitch drops rewards

There are currently three rootin’ tootin’ Twitch drops for you to pick up by watching streamers fighting for their place in The Finals. Unlike the bright yellow open beta rewards, these cosmetic items have a cowboy theme. According to, the three current The Finals Twitch drops and the requirements for claiming them are:

  • Ospuze Ten-Gallon sticker – watch for 30 minutes
  • Ospuze Recycled weapon skin – watch for two hours
  • Ospuze Ropers charm – watch for four hours

An image showing someone's embark account linked to their Twitch account to allow for the claiming of The Finals Twitch drops.

How to link your The Finals account

To link your Twitch account the The Finals, you must create or log into the Embark account on which you play The Finals. Go to the connected platforms tab on the left-hand side and link your Twitch account.

Note that this step includes an email verification, if you haven’t done so already, and that this is quite temperamental. If your first verification email doesn’t work, you might need to send a few repeat ones through, until you get the successful verification message.

Now you know how to get your hands on these rewards, you can start showing off in-game. However, cool gear isn’t all you need to be the best. Check out all The Finals classes and the best The Finals weapons, and make sure you meet The Finals system requirements so you’re not dealing with any lag.