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The First Descendant server status - is The First Descendant down?

We have the current The First Descendant server status so you can be safe in the knowledge that the game is running should you jump in.

The First Descendant maintenance: A villain looks over his shoulder at you in The First Descendant.

Is The First Descendant down? The Nexon co-op looter shooter surprised everyone with incredible numbers during the first day of its open beta. Perhaps that’s part of the reason The First Descendant scheduled server downtime has kicked in. Gotta keep those servers looking healthy when they’re flooded with players.

With The First Descendant release date came a few hiccups with the servers, mainly in the form of maintenance. If you want to get your fix in the popular third-person co-op game, you need to make sure the servers are up before you can get to work. Here’s everything we know about The First Descendant server status, and planned downtime with the maintenance schedule.

The First Descendant server status

The First Descendant servers are currently up and running. The game went through a maintenance period on Wednesday 7 July, where it was down for a period, but this has since been completed and The First Descendant is now online.

Players who were inconvenienced by The First Descendant downtime are eligible for compensation in the form of:
  • Gold Gain Boost +30% (Duration 3 days)
  • Kyper Shard Gain Boost +30% (Duration 3 days)
  • Descendant EXP Gain Boost +30% (Duration 3 days)
  • Weapon Mastery EXP Gain Boost +30% (Duration 3 days)

To claim these rewards, simply collect them from your mailbox. The boosts will be applied as soon as they are retrieved, so make sure you want them active before you go rummaging around in your mail – although ensure that you collect these before they expire on July 15.

There’s no more maintenance currently planned, but that could change if player counts continue to hold. Take a look at some of the best PC games around right now and have something in your back pocket should the servers go down again. If you’re low on cash, check out our favorite free PC games list, it won’t cost you a dime to try them out.