The best The Forest mods

Finding it hard to survive? If The Forest is getting the better of you, here are some mods to give you a helping hand


What are the best The Forest mods? This survival horror game still has a loyal community many years after its initial release in 2014, so it makes sense that there are tons of The Forest mods for you to make this harsh island your own home from home.

If you’re not after the average survival experience, and need a little help to keep the lurking cannibals at bay, we’ve compiled a list of the best mods in The Forest to aid your gameplay – from those that really want to push The Forest to its limits with God mode to those that just want a little extra room in their backpack. All The Forest mods are listed with the download and include instructions, where needed at ModAPI Hub.

The Forest is one of the best horror games on PC, but if you want to make it just that little bit more special, here are all the best mods for The Forest.

Here are the best The Forest mods:

The best The Forest mods


Ultimate Cheatmenu

Be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do with the restriction-lifting Ultimate Cheatmenu mod. Infinite everything. Freeze time? No problem. Kill enemies, respawn them, and kill them again. Teleport around The Forest map. Whether you simply want to save yourself some time by spawning infinite cut trees or you want to fly through the air and gaze down at your creations. Survive? Thrive more like.

Full Inventory

A fully stocked inventory at the click of a button with this full inventory mod. Just press F7 and all the materials you could possibly need are yours.

Bigger Backpack

A backpack, but bigger. Sure, you may have to fill it up yourself, but if you just need a little extra room and don’t want to go full god mode, then add some space. Simpy pop 0 into the notepad and you’ll get a backpack with infinite space, so you don’t have to use it wisely.


If wading blindly through the forest with the threat of mutant cannibals watching from the darkness is not your jam. Firstly, are you sure this is the game for you? Secondly, add a handy map mod to see the location of all cannibals, so you can keep tabs on them at all times.

Infinite Zipline

Again, if you need a minor leg up, but don’t want your hand held, then the infinite zipline mod may be the one for you. Make a quick escape, or dramatic entrance with infinite zipline, so you’ll never be stranded again, apart from in… er, The Forest, where you’re literally stranded.

Those are our favourite mods in The Forest, hopefully there’s something for you, but if you’re not convinced that The Forest is the game for you, there are plenty of other open-world games that could be.

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