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The Last of Us Part 1 - every safe code and their location

It's a struggle to survive out there, so use The Last of Us Part 1 safe codes to gain access to supplies that could mean the difference between life and death.

The Last of Us safe combinations guide: a man and a young woman stand next to an old rusty safe.

Looking for The Last of Us safe codes? These collectibles provide you with the right combinations to open a particular repository. Each code consists of three numbers, which you can input in a nearby safe. Once you’ve keyed in the correct code, you’ll find goodies, such as parts/gears for weapons, supplies for passive buffs, and, in one particular instance, a Training Manual.

You’ll need to take advantage of everything you can in order to survive the unforgiving world of The Last of Us, so ransacking every safe you come across is a must. Likewise, do take note that unlocking all of these containers nets you the ‘Sticky Fingers’ achievement. Here is our The Last of Us safe codes guide to help you locate all of these combinations so you can grab more resources.

The Last of Us safe combinations guide: an old handwritten note details a safe combination.

The Last of Us Part 1 safe codes and locations

Here is a list detailing every safe in The Last of Us, where to find the combination, and what that combination is. It’s worth noting that once you know the code, you don’t actually need to find the physical object in the game in order to open the safe.

Here is every safe code in The Last of Us Part 1:

  • The Outskirts – Downtown: 03-43-78
  • Bill’s Town – The Woods: 05-17-21
  • Pittsburgh – Hotel Lobby: 22-10-56
  • The Suburbs – Suburbs: 08-21-36

The Last of Us safe combinations guide: a dark abandonded store.

Safe code #1: The Outskirts – Downtown

  • Code location: As you explore the Goldstone Building, the trio of Joel, Tess, and Ellie will end up in a subway area that’s crawling with Runners and Clickers. Head to the store to your left and check the drawer behind the counter.
  • Combination: 03-43-78
  • Safe location: Go to the store directly opposite where you found the note. The safe is behind the counter.

The Last of Us safe combinations guide: a man and a young woman stand on an overgrown street.

Safe code #2: Bill’s Town – The Woods

  • Code location: For this particular safe code in The Last of Us, you’ll want to go through the chapter until you reach a metal gate. Joel will boost Ellie so she can open it. Head to the right and you’ll see a barricade with a warning written on it. The note is fastened to the barbed wire.
  • Combination: 05-17-21
  • Safe location: Turn around and you should see an evacuation sign board. The safe is right next to the pickup truck.

The Last of Us safe combinations guide: an older bearded man in a plaid shirt stands in a run down, half destroyed room.

Safe code #3: Pittsburgh – Hotel Lobby

  • Code location: Once you reach the lobby of the hotel, grab the ladder and use it to climb to the second-floor landing. However, before you go up the steps, you’ll want to shimmy across the gap. The document is inside a briefcase.
  • Combination: 22-10-56
  • Safe location: Jump back down to the ground floor and take a look behind the check-in counter. Once you open it, you’ll find the Reinforcement training manual (i.e., shiv upgrade). You can learn more about these upgrades in our training manuals guide.

The Last of Us safe combinations guide: an old book of matches with a handwritten safe combination.

Safe code #4: The Suburbs – Suburbs

  • Code location: The final safe code in The Last of Us can be found once you arrive at the abandoned subdivision. At the end of the street, you’ll see a couple of dogs fighting next to an old house. Go to the top floor of the house and you’ll find the code written in a book of matches.
  • Combination: 08-21-36
  • Safe location: Make your way back down to the second floor and check the master’s bedroom. The safe is inside a cabinet.

Now that you know each of The Last of US safe codes, and where to find them, you’ll be ready for anything the hordes of infected can throw at you. We also have the all of The Last of Us Part 1 Firefly pendants and their locations, along with The Last of Us Part 1 workbench tools. Make sure you check the Last of Us Part 1 system requirements to see if your rig meets the minimum specifications before getting stuck in.