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Today’s free game from the Epic Games Store is long and dark

The third of fifteen free games is all about survival

December 20, 2020 This offer is over, and the next game is now free on the Epic Games Store.

Not satisfied with supplying weekly free PC games, Epic has decided to give away 15 games, one a day, over the holiday period. Today is number three, and one of the best survival games can be yours right now for nothing.

The Long Dark can be procured for free from the Epic Games Store. It’s in the usual spot for free games on the store, and will remain available for exactly 24 hours. The next freebie will be rotated in on December 20, at 8:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT, bringing another surprise game.

From developer Hinterland Studios, The Long Dark is the archetypal survival experience. You’re a pilot lost in the Canadian wilderness after a place crash, forced to fend yourself against the elements. It’s a tad grueling, but the atmosphere and sense of place is what makes it one of the better choices in the genre. Epic isn’t revealing anything about each game as it comes out, so tomorrow’s is a mystery coming in some blue-green wrapping paper.

Claiming any of these games gets you a $10 voucher for any game valued above $14.99 in the ongoing holiday sale. There’s plenty to choose from, including some of the year’s best new games. Browse the store for pricing according to your region.

Here’s The Long Dark’s trailer:

Ubisoft has a holiday bundle running for the next 24 hours, too. We’ll see what game Epic will bring us tomorrow.