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Return to Moria Hero’s Tokens explained

The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria will soon see you collecting these Hero's Tokens, but what do they do and why do you need to collect them?

What are Return to Moria Hero’s Tokens? Whilst on your travels through Moria, you might find that you stumble across the remains of your fallen comrades. After honoring them, you’ll collect a small trinket, a Hero’s Token, but what is it for and why should you collect them?

In The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria, Hero’s Tokens are only one collectible that you may want to seek out. To find them all effectively, we’ve got all you need to know on the best Return to Moria personality to choose, as well as how to increase your Return to Moria inventory space, so you don’t need to leave anything behind.

A dwarf finds a Return to Moria Hero's Token after honoring remains

What are Hero’s Tokens in Return to Moria?

Hero’s Tokens are collectibles granted after honoring a fallen ally. There are multiple in each area, and collecting them will enable you to build a Memorial Flame which provides a temporary buff to your energy when honored.

After collecting five Hero’s Tokens, you’ll get a recipe which shows how to craft a memorial statue. The memorial flame on the statue will grant you a buff to your energy for a limited amount of time, meaning you can sprint, fight, and mine to your heart’s content.

Hero’s Tokens are worth collecting for this powerful status effect, but this isn’t explained in the early game, and only becomes obvious much later on. Therefore, if you see the remains of fallen dwarves, you should always opt to honor them and collect the Hero’s Token.

A dwarf honors the Return to Moria Hero's Tokens Memorial Flame statue

Where do you find Hero’s Tokens?

Hero’s Tokens can be found wherever dwarven remains lie. You’ll know whether the remains will reward a Hero’s Token as the option to ‘honor’ your fallen comrade will appear in-game.

That’s all we know on Hero’s Tokens right now, but as we progress through Return to Moria we’ll update this guide if any other uses are presented. In the meantime, why not check out the multiplayer game with a few friends, or discover how to rebuild the Return to Moria Great Forge of Narvi with our helpful tips.