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The Outer Worlds: Holographic Shroud and ID cartridge locations

Here's where to find the best stealth tool in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds holographic shroud stealth tool

Looking where to find the Holographic Shroud in The Outer Worlds? Stealth isn’t as simple as crouching slowly past enemies, instead, you’ll need to opt for the Holographic Shroud – a stealth enabling tool that allows you to bypass enemies undetected in forbidden areas of the world.

The Holographic Shroud is quite a complex tool and, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as equipping an item and wandering into a no-go zone to claim all the restricted goodies. To benefit from the Holographic Shroud in The Outer Worlds requires some patience, a little hard work, and upping your Outer worlds skills for dialogue to get your hands on ID cartridges.

The Holographic Shroud can only be used with ID cartridges, a form of energy that powers the tool. Finding these ID cartridges isn’t always easy, but we’ve outlined all the ID cartridge locations in The Outer Worlds, as well as where you can find the Holographic Shroud. As mentioned previously, it’s worth taking note of the skill level you need to be to take on the tasks to get these ID cartridges.

Where to find the Holographic Shroud in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Holographic Shroud, also known as the Hologram, can be found on board your trusty ship The Unreliable, during the mission Passage to Anywhere. Once you’ve completed this mission, head upstairs to the Captain’s Quarters and on the desk you’ll find the Holographic Shroud.

Now you’ve obtained the Holographic Shroud, you’ll also need to snag some ID cartridges to use it. There are five ID cartridges that can be used on the Holographic Shroud.

SubLight ID Cartridge location

At Amber Heights in Monarch, head to the bar at the end of town. Inside the bar, you’ll find a staircase, go up it and onto the patio. There’s a small door you’ll need to pick with at least a 40 lockpicking skill, if you haven’t got Bronson’s Key.

Mardet ID cartridge location

On Groundbreaker, you’ll find the quest Worst Contact which you’ll need to complete in order to get your hands on the ID cartridge found in Mardet’s office.

UDL ID cartridge location

In the Ministry in Byzantium, you’ll need to use you dialogue skills to either convince Holte or Caroline to let you in. Once you’re in, hack the computer found on the lower floor of the room and go back to talk to Caroline and she’ll let you into the lab. Head past the second guard and pick the lock of the door. Once in, you’ll find the UDL ID cartridge in the middle locker. You’ll need to do some sweet talking to get you back past the guard, so either intimidate or lie your way out of that one on at least skill level 30.

Boarst factory ID cartridge location

You’ll find this ID cartridge in the Monarch colony at a place called Dry Goods and Sundry in Fallbrook. To get the key, you’ll need to have either persuade, lie, or intimidate dialogue skill on at least 50 on a guy called Duncan Elley.

Labyrinth security ID Cartridge location

You’ll need to exercise your dialogue skills again here. On the mission Brave New World, you’ll talk to a corporate trooper when you land on Tartarus in the Unreliable. Use a dialogue skill above 70 to gain access.

How to use the Holographic Shroud

The Holographic Shroud will activate automatically when you enter a forbidden area and you’ll go into stealth mode for a short period of time. You can keep an eye on the Holographic Shroud charge at the bottom of the screen – once the purple bar runs out, you’ll be detected by enemies and questioned. When this happens, talk your way out of it while your ID cartridge recharges and you’re ready to move on.

Finding and using the Holographic Shroud hasn’t been made easy, so be sure to choose the right companion in The Outer Worlds to boost your perks and stats.