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When is The Outer Worlds coming to Steam?

Obsidian's RPG will launch on the Epic Games store, and reach Microsoft's, long before Steam


When is the Outer Worlds coming to steam? Thanks to an announcement from Epic Games – which contains information on more than a dozen storefront exclusive releases – we know that The Outer Worlds wouldn’t be launching on Steam. Thanks to a tweet from Obsidian, though, we do know that it’s coming to Steam one year after its launch on “other exclusive digital PC platforms”.

The sci-fi RPG, from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division, will initially be available on Epic and the Microsoft store, but comes to Valve’s service next year. Epic’s keynote also talks about the company’s partnership with Ubisoft as well as several exclusive titles such as Afterparty and Phoenix Point. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, now.

The Outer Worlds features a player-driven story – where your choices affect story development, your character build, and the end game. As Dustin explains in our The Outer Worlds review, the satire and moral dilemmas don’t always mesh though that doesn’t detract from a pleasant experience overall. The game also explores the idea of The Outer Worlds flaws, as you can take a debuff against common enemies in exchange for one of The Outer Worlds perks. While the disadvantage can be frustrating, this unique approach to creating the best Outer Worlds builds adds a fresh layer of depth to the experience.

When is The Outer Worlds coming to Steam?

If you don’t fancy buying The Outer Worlds on Epic or through the Microsoft store you’ll have a bit of time to wait. The Outer Worlds is coming to Steam in 2020, according to Valve, but a day or month isn’t specified. If we take Epic’s comment at face value, though, we can expect to see Obsidian’s Fallout-like hit Steam’s digital shelves in October – maybe even on the 25th.

As for when you get there, you can expect your journey in The Outer Worlds to take you across the corporate colony of Halcyon.

Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to build your own crew, each member boasting unique The Outer Wilds companion perks, motivations, and ideals.

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