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The Password Game answers and tips

This trending password puzzle game throws out some curious rules, so we've listed all The Password Game answers and the best tips right here.

The password game egg hosts Paul

What are The Password Game answers? If you’ve ever frustratingly bashed your keyboard as you try to find the most secure password available that will appease the many rules required of you, The Password Game might just be the one that tips you into pure rage. The new browser-based game from coder Neal Agarwal is frustrating minds globally, but we’ve discovered some handy tips and potential answers if you’re truly stuck.

The Password Game looks easy enough to begin with, presenting itself as just a box that asks you to choose your new password, and reminds you that it needs capital letters, numbers, and special characters. This browser game takes a turn, though, when it begins asking about things like algebra and the current phase of the moon. It’s among the more mind-melting free games we’ve played recently. We’ve also got a list of all The Password Game rules to help you out even more.

The main screen of The Password Game features nothing but a box

All The Password Game answers

The game begins quite innocently, with the first four rules simply stating that you must include at least five characters, a number, an uppercase letter, and a special character. Simple enough, right? You don’t need us to tell you how to complete this part.

Rule 5 answer

The fifth rule insists that the digits in your password must add up to 25.

Here are the answers to The Password Game rule 5:

  • 997 (9+9+7)
  • 9871 (9+8+7+1)
  • 9691 (9+6+9+1)
  • 111111111111111111111111 (You get the idea)

Rule 9

The seventh rule asks you to include a Roman numeral. The ninth rule then states that these must multiply to make 35. There’s only two ways to do this, which we’ve included below.

Here are the answers to The Password Game rule 9:

  • XXXV (35) x I (1)
  • V (5) x VII (7)

Rule 13 answer

Here’s when The Password Game starts to get truly obscure, as it asks you to include the current phase of the moon as an emoji. You’ll need to find out what the current phase of the moon is by visiting Moon Giant, and then select the relevant emoji from our list below, and copy and paste it into your password.

Here are the answers to The Password Game rule 13:

  • 🌑 – New moon
  • 🌒 – Waxing crescent moon
  • 🌓 – First quarter moon
  • 🌔 – Waxing gibbous moon
  • 🌕 – Full moon 
  • 🌖 – Waning gibbous
  • 🌗 – Last quarter moon
  • 🌘 – Waning crescent 

Rule 16 answer

After being asked to include the name of your country and a leap year, The Password Game then asks you to include the best move in algebraic chess notation. Now, I don’t know about you, but this isn’t my strongest skill. In fact, at first, I wasn’t even sure about what the sentence meant. However, after some digging, we found out what rule 16’s intention was.

Each piece in chess has one letter which represents that piece in algebraic chess notation – which is the method of recording and describing a particular chess move. We simply needed to find the best move on the chess board in front of us and notate it.

Here is The Password Game rule 16 answer:

  • R – Rook
  • N – Knight
  • B – Bishop
  • Q – Queen
  • K – King
  • P – Pawn

Unfortunately, as the board changes every time an instance of the game is opened, there’s no way for us to tell you the definitive best answer for rule 16. However, to work it out, just combine the letter of the chess piece you want to move with the alphanumeric reference of the box you want to move it to. For example, moving the Bishop to C5 to check the King would read Bc5+.

There are tools, such as Next Chess Move, that you can use to recreate the chess board and it will tell you the best possible move to make. Then, simply convert this to the algebraic chess notation via our method above.

Rule 17 answer

This one is truly abstract. As if the brain-scratching from the chess rule wasn’t confusing enough, The Password Game now asks you to take a chicken named Paul, put him in your password, and keep him safe. Paul the chicken hasn’t hatched just yet, so he’s currently in an egg.

We must keep Paul safe now, that’s our task, and if you fail at the task and Paul dies, you have to start the game over with an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame.

Here’s how to keep Paul alive:

  • Paste the egg emoji (🥚) at the beginning of the password
  • Delete rule 20’s fire quickly to save Paul from burning
  • Once Paul hatches he will need three caterpillars (🐛) each minute – do not overfeed him or let him starve
  • Paste the caterpillar (🐛) in front of Paul to feed him

If ‘Paul was slain’ appears on your screen, you must start The Password Game over. Sorry, we don’t make the rules up. We just tell you them.

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Rule 18

Rule 18 states that you must include atomic numbers that add up to 200. This involves the elements from the periodic table you added back in rule 12. You need to discover the value of each of the elements you included and make them equal 200. We suggest not using elements that include C, D, L, M, V, or X in them as these are Roman numerals and will conflict with rule 9.

Here is The Password Game rule 18 answer:

Element Symbol Atomic number
Hydrogen H 1
Helium He 2
Lithium Li 3
Beryllium Be 4
Boron B 5
Carbon C 6
Nitrogen N 7
Oxygen O 8
Fluorine F 9
Neon Ne 10
Sodium Na 11
Magnesium Mg 12
Aluminium Al 13
Silicon Si 14
Phosphorus P 15
Sulfur S 16
Chlorine Cl 17
Argon Ar 18
Potassium K 19
Calcium Ca 20
Scandium Sc 21
Titanium Ti 22
Vanadium V 23
Chromium Cr 24
Manganese Mn 25
Iron Fe 26
Cobalt Co 27
Nickel Ni 28
Copper Cu 29
Zinc Zn 30
Gallium Ga 31
Germanium Ge 32
Arsenic As 33
Selenium Se 34
Bromine Br 35
Krypton Kr 36
Rubidium Rb 37
Strontium Sr 38
Yttrium Y 39
Zirconium Zr 40
Niobium Nb 41
Molybdenum Mo 42
Technetium Tc 43
Ruthenium Ru 44
Rhodium Rh 45
Palladium Pd 46
Silver Ag 47
Cadmium Cd 48
Indium In 49
Tin Sn 50
Antimony Sb 51
Tellurium Te 52
Iodine I 53
Xenon Xe 54
Cesium Cs 55
Barium Ba 56
Lanthanum La 57
Cerium Ce 58
Praseodymium Pr 59
Neodymium Nd 60
Promethium Pm 61
Samarium Sm 62
Europium Eu 63
Gadolinium Gd 64
Terbium Tb 65
Dysprosium Dy 66
Holmium Ho 67
Erbium Er 68
Thulium Tm 69
Ytterbium Yb 70
Lutetium Lu 71
Hafnium Hf 72
Tantalum Ta 73
Tungsten W 74
Rhenium Re 75
Osmium Os 76
Iridium Ir 77
Platinum Pt 78
Gold Au 79
Mercury Hg 80
Thallium Tl 81
Lead Pb 82
Bismuth Bi 83
Polonium Po 84
Astatine At 85
Radon Rn 86
Francium Fr 87
Radium Ra 88
Actinium Ac 89
Thorium Th 90
Protactinium Pa 91
Uranium U 92
Neptunium Np 93
Plutonium Pu 94
Americium Am 95
Curium Cm 96
Berkelium Bk 97
Californium Cf 98
Einsteinium Es 99
Fermium Fm 100
Medelevium Md 101
Nobelium No 102
Lawrencium Lr 103
Rutherfordium Rf 104
Dubnium Db 105
Seaborgium Sg 106
Bohrium Bh 107
Hassium Hs 108
Meitnerium Mt 109
Darmstadtium Ds 110
Roentgenium Rg 111
Copernicium Cn 112
Nihonium Nh 113
Flerovium Fl 114
Moscovium Mc 115
Livermorium Lv 116
Tennessine Ts 117
Oganesson Og 118

The next few rules are relatively straightforward: you’ve got to put out a fire, feed Paul (see above), add a wholesome affirmation to your password, and bold all of the vowels. Easy enough, surely. Rule 24 is a little more taxing – The Password Game will provide you a duration and you must insert the URL of a YouTube video with that exact length.

Now, because this changes each time, we can’t give you any examples but we can give you one very, very important tip: Do not forget to feed Paul. It takes longer than a few minutes to find a video of a very specific length and he will die. You will scream. It’ll be a whole thing.

You’ve then got to sacrifice two letters that can no longer be used – try to pick something obscure or less common such as ‘z’ or ‘q’ but make sure these don’t clash with the elements you chose before. You’ve then got to italicize twice as many characters as you bolded earlier, put the password in Wingdings font so it’s almost illegible, and then turn it into a color provided by The Password Game in the form of a hex code.

How to win The Password Game

After following yet more rules including changing font sizes, making the length a prime number, and including the length of your number in the password itself, you’ll reach rule 35 which asks you to insert the current time. Then, it’s time to win or lose.

After following all 35 rules The Password Game will ask you if this is your final password. You must note down your password before clicking this. If you confirm, the password will disappear and you will have two minutes to type in your exact password. 

If you try to copy and paste the password, or if you fail, the game will reset and you will have to start The Password Game from the beginning again.

That’s all of the answers we can possibly give you for The Password Game, as well as some helpful hints. If you’ve not had enough of testing your limits, why not check out some other puzzle games to tear your hair out over?