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New Sims 4 expansion takes City Living’s apartments to the next level

EA dropped a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming Sims 4 expansion, For Rent, and it looks like everything we wanted City Living to be.

The Sims 4 For Rent gameplay: Two Sims, a man and a woman, wearing colorful purple and blue outfits, stand smiling against a tropical backdrop

The Sims 4 is my most-played game of all time. I’ve been playing EA’s iconic simulation series since I first got my grabby toddler hands on The Sims. My library contains every expansion for every game, including the surreal celebrity crossover ones like Katy Perry’s in The Sims 3. I grow my collection with each Sims 4 drop, and the upcoming For Rent expansion pack is no exception. The DLC’s gameplay trailer has me more excited than any other prior pack, with good reason.

I can’t get enough of The Sims 4, no matter how much I complain about the simulation game sometimes. For Rent promises an entirely new way to experience the game, reminiscent of old expansions like The Sims 2’s Apartment Life or The Sims 3’s Generations. For Rent’s latest gameplay trailer shows various Sim households living together on one shared lot, experiencing the communal sort of life, for better or worse, that many of us did growing up.

From parties to potlucks, For Rent lets your Sims get together with their neighbors easily and doesn’t infringe on your freedom while playing like City Living does. You can open up your spaces as you please and set up your lot however you deem fit. You can also opt to play as a landlord and choose whether you want to provide free housing for any tenants or evict Sims ruthlessly without regard for consequences (and trust me, there are consequences).

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If you’re not a fan of playing as the property owner, you can choose to build a household of tenants up and focus on them. Protest against your landlords for fair rent, get to know your community of fellow tenants, and take care of your space. Speaking of your space, you can also build some cozy common areas for all of the residents, like gyms or swimming pools.

For Rent lets you house a whopping 48 people on just one lot, so those sorts of shared spots are a great way to keep your property happy and healthy. I’m looking forward to making some common pet areas, book nooks, and more, personally. You can preorder The Sims 4 For Rent right now through EA for $39.99 / £34.99 to secure the cute grill cart, umbrella, and fruit basket bonus items.

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