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Saddle up for The Sims 4’s newest expansion

The wait for horses in The Sims 4 is finally over as EA confirms a rootin' tootin' expansion pack and a few new kits are on the horizon.

A female cowgirl Sim wearing a red neckerchief stares out into an open canyon

The Sims 4 has finally delivered the news that I have been waiting for since the simulation game was released years ago. Horses are coming this summer, along with a brand-new map and two kits. The Sims 4 community has been anticipating word on a horse-themed pack, especially after the release of Cottage Living and its included farm animals. With equestrian elements present in the series’ older games, it’s no wonder that horses have been so highly requested.

Following multiple Sims 4 horse leaks, EA has stepped up to officially announce the upcoming equestrian expansion. Writing only “Take the reins this season with The Sims” and “Giddy up for good news coming soon,” a lot of details about this ‘neigh’ content are still up in the air. Going off of the short video included in EA’s announcement, the expansion will likely include a new world that looks to be Arizona or Utah-themed. Western elements, cowboy references, and canyons galore.

The studio’s post also mentions two new kits, meaning that a roadmap featuring details on the horse-themed pack and other upcoming content is likely to be revealed soon. EA has posted a link to the trailer for the Wild West-inspired expansion, which will probably cover all of the plans set out for The Sims 4. The trailer is set to premiere on Thursday, June 22, and you can watch it below.

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I am dusting off my cowboy boots and getting ready to hit the trails in-game. As a devoted horse girl and Sims lover, this is the best news I’ve encountered in ages. Will the pack bring goats, too? A few different ranch-themed animals and items to spice up our Cottage Living experience? I am also thrilled to see a new biome map incoming. Let’s face it, Strangerville only touched the surface of desert-themed areas.

Pray to the EA gods for fairies now, maybe they’ll listen. If horses are really coming, anything else could, too… even cars. I won’t push our luck too far. If you too are a certified Sims stan, then you should have a look through some of our other favorite life games to get your love for digital dollhouses thriving. You can also browse through a few of the best sandbox games if you want to get your creativity flowing. For more Sims-specific content, be sure to check out the greatest Sims 4 mods to spice up your gameplay for free.